Sabtu, 03 Maret 2018

Home Mini & Max: The Latest Smart Device from Google

After the launch of its Pixel 2 , Google also launched its newest 'Jarvis' Google Home. What is Google Home? This device is an intelligent wireless speaker with the help of Google Assistant.

Actually this device has started to be announced last year and began to crowded in the market since entering early this year. Google Home two morphed into Google Home Mini and Max. In this article you can read the full review!

 Google Home Mini and Home Max: Release date and price.

Home Mini will be officially released on October 19, but for those interested can start pre-order starting today. The price offered for Home Mini is $ 49 or Rp 650 thousands.

Meanwhile, to bring home Google Home Max you have to be patient because it will be released into the market later December. The price for Home Max is much more expensive than his little brother is $ 200 or Rp 2.7 million.

Google Home Mini and Home Max: Appearance.

Unlike the previous Home, Home Mini comes with the size of a donut. More precisely measuring 98 x 42 mm with a mass of 173g only weight. But the form of Home Mini actually brings more features than its predecessor. Equipped with LED lights, Home Mini also comes with three color choices, including chalk , coral, and charcoal colors .

Unlike the case with Home Max which only has two color choices, lime and charcoal only. With its horizontal and vertical placement, Home Max has a larger size of 336.6 x 190 x 154.4 mm and weighs 5,300g.

Google Home Mini and Home Max: Specs.

Home Max is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which comes with dual voice-coil and two 18mm tweeters . The device also has a quad-core ARM processor, 4.5-inch microphone far-field for speech recognition, and light sensor orientation and ambient . In addition the most interesting is the Smart Sound. The new AI software automatically adjusts the sound level depending on the environment.

This allows Home Max to have the ability to change the audio depending on what you listen to, as well as adjust the volume and sound even when in a noisy room though. Google will also offer free 12 month subscription access to YouTube Music (free advertising) on ​​every Home Max purchase.

On the other hand,  Home Mini has 360 sounds with driver size  only 40mm. The Home Mini can also connect wirelessly to any speaker with its default Chromecast . So you can always ask the assistant to throw any command to the device.

Has anyone used Google Home before? Share your experience in the comment field yes!

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