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9 Adverse Effects of Sleep After Shubuh for Body Health

Sleep is the best form of rest for the body. However, the sleep time is too long it is less good for the body. Do you often get up late? If so, you need to be vigilant. Morning or time after dawn is delicious to melanjutkan sleep.

At that time the body feels heavy dead sleeping area. Sleep habits after dawn was detrimental to health. Not only will your rest be disturbed, but also your psychic and physical health will also be disrupted.

Sleep is the best form of rest for the body 9 The Bad Impact of Sleep After Shubuh for Body Health

The following described the threat of sleep after dawn for health.

1. Weak and painful

Activity in the morning is very good for the human body. The lack of a late morning show too long to sleep or rising oversleep will lower body fitness levels. This will certainly make the immune system disrupted so that various kinds of diseases can attack. Flu, fever, headache is a common mild disease.

2. Causes obesity

Obesity rate or obesity from year to year continue to increase. One of the bad habits of the cause is sleep after dawn. Excessive energy and not immediately used will settle into body fat. Habits that continue every day will make the body weight continues to increase and therefore occur obesity in the body.

3. Heart disorders

According to experts, sleeping more than 8 hours per day can increase the risk of heart attack by 38%. When the sleeping position of the heart will only pump blood slowly. The heart muscles that are not trained to pump blood will be very risky when the body carrying out a heavy event. Reminiscent of heart rate intensity in the morning with morning show is very good for health.

4. Depression

Sleeping after dawn is also not good psychologically. Mental disorders resemble a more vulnerable depression to those who like to rise from daylight. Late to the office, stuck in traffic, forget the role is the effect that is not personally the cause of depression. 

5. Headache

The impact most often suffered by people who go back to sleep after dawn is a headache. Too long to sleep will make the guidance darak to the brain is not smooth so that when the head rose will hurt. Although it will heal afterwards but headaches that too often will trigger alzaimer disease.

6. Metabolic disorders

The metabolic system of the body will start its activity at dawn or when the rest time has been met. But what would happen if at that time you are still asleep. Of course the metabolic rhythm of the body will be disrupted. Usually you will feel very hungry and thirsty when rising day. Disruption of the body's metabolic system can have serious consequences for health.

7. Diabetes

The dangers of sleep after the other dawn that can trigger diabetes. A study says sleeping too long can increase a person's risk of diabetes. The buildup of blood sugar levels occurs when the excess energy and lack of calorie burner events. Getting up early and exercising is a way to avoid diabetes.

8. Stroke

Stroke is another dangerous disease that happens to you who are too long to sleep. Non-communicable diseases that are the cause of many people's lives today. The indication of stroke is when some body can not be controlled by the brain. This is the end of the lack of motion events and the smoothness of blood per se. Immediate evaluation of sleeping habits after dawn let me avoid the stroke.

9. Dehydration

During sleep the body loses a lot of fluids. It is important immediately replace the body fluids when the rest time is sufficient. Letting the body get too short of fluids can make acute dehydration. Like a machine that lacks oil, it gets too hot and damaged. So does our body. Heat and sore throat can occur when the body is deficient in fluids.

Do melanju t right back lifestyle with sleep after dawn. Especially for a Muslim believed to sleep after dawn can keep livelihood and blessing. The morning time is the perfect time to start the day. Many threats that threaten health when sleeping habits after dawn continue. Waking up early and exercising or other activities is highly recommended for you lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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