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9 Adverse Effects of Drinking Sea Water for Body Health

Earth as a living area of ​​humanity Already inhabited since prehistoric times. The consistency of the earth that has 70% of sea water is a beauty that can not be avoided anymore. The existence of the beach and blue sea water and in it will bring marvelous wombs and maritime wista.

Besides playing the waves on the beach by playing jetsky, surfing, fishing or diving is the true joy. This excitement is not just in your eyes and heart if you are not examined together. recreation on the beach and sea water play is very enjoyable.

Earth as a living area of ​​humanity Already inhabited since prehistoric times 9 Adverse Effects of Drinking Sea Water for Body Health

But, do you know about the threat from seawater that you can terminate? here are some reviews about the threat of drinking sea water for health:

1. Feeling Nausea and Vomiting

saltiness in sea water content is inevitable. The acidic nature of seawater is highly corrosive. Where sea water can erode iron or concrete though. Similarly if swallowed in people with a lot of intensity. The usual initial response is nausea and vomiting. The body can not digest excess salt so that the stomach will be filled with gas. You will feel pain in the stomach that causes you nausea and end up in vomiting. immediately consume lots of plain water to minimize this.

2. Kidney Damage

Subsequent effects if a person swallows excessive sea water will cause interference with the kidneys. Disorders that occur that is shrinking your kidney volume. Too much neutralized salt fluid will have an adverse effect on its performance, Kidneys will try to neutralize the liquid hard. If this can not be done again by the kidney, then you will have kidney failure.

3. Seizures

Not only on your internal organs, it turns out the threat of drinking sea water will cause seizures seizure. This happens the response of your blood thoughts that slows down. The artery pembulu will narrow and the blood has more viscosity. As a result solitude throughout your body will be stiff because the muscles are not supplied with blood under normal circumstances. so you will experience seizures and dangerous seizures if left alone.

4. Can cause coma

People who have a history of hypertension or stroke symptoms should not be beraktivtas in cooperation with sea water. The presence of high salt content in seawater can trigger your illness. salt from the taste of this sea water can trigger your high blood pressure. A blockage in the thought of blood will dispel your awareness even to the next level of coma.

5. Toxicity

Who knows how many baketeri in every drop of sea water. The existence of seawater on the beach is the accumulation of rivers that flow from every corner of the city or as a waste disposal area. The number of very evil bacilli causes you to poison if you drink it in large quantities. In addition, other chaotic effects that you will feel high fever, nausea and vomiting, Your body will be weak and helpless.

6. Dehydration

It is normal that the response occurs drinking sea water. The presence of sea water is very dangerous if to drink through your esophagus, Stability of cells and blood in the body will be disrupted if you consume this sea water in large quantities.

Irritation of the esophagus may also result in a bacillary response. but severity is the nature of salt from sea water it absorbs substances body fluids so the body will feel hot. The indication of your lips will dry and feel thirsty fast.

7. Brain Disorders

Inflammation of the vascular tissue in the brain may also occur in your response to drinking sea water in large quantities. Moreover, this person has a history of injury to the brain of a conflict response or the like. Avoid swimming or diving in the sea let you and his health is not disturbed. let alone work with the nerves of your brain to think and work.

8. Respiratory Disorders

This is related to the pressure that exists in the depths of the ocean. The emphasis of sea water can cause you to breathe. let alone sea water that can be taken into your lung lung. Precipitation will occur so that the salt attached to your lungs will be fatal. Irritation will glorify your lung performance.

9. Interference in your oral area

This disorder is an irritation that can cause you canker sores or inflammation of the throat. high salt content will cause hoarseness and your sound will be disturbed. If it occurs in large and sustained amounts you will be exposed to irritation to the throat membrane of your spoken tongue may be reddened and very itchy.

Leisure on the beach for swimming or diving is very enjoyable. But it would be better to note the condition of the sea and its equipments. Do not until you drink sea water in large levels because it is dangerous for the safety of your life. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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