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8 Bad Impacts of Turmeric Too Often Every Day

Herbs resemble turmeric herbs are not magical we meet. Some people even like to consume the reason herbal and can help cure diseases. Turmeric herb is also diverse. Like turmeric asem and as a medicine to boost stamina.

Curcuma content in it also helps to mentkatkan metabolism and appetite. Moreover, the high antioxidant content nutritious increase imune substances in the body. It is worth noting that there is also a threat of turmeric consumed every day.

Herbal concoction resembles turmeric is not magical we meet 8 Impact of Bad Turmeric Drinking Too Often Every Day

Here are some explanations about the threat of turmeric in daily consumption, including:

Adverse Effects of Turmeric Drinking Too Often

1. Damage to the Heart

The ability of the liver in neutralizing substances consumed from food intake has a certain limit. as well as the ingredients in turmeric walapau natural nature can disrupt the performance of the liver when consumed excessively and every day. Moreover there are patients who have a history of the disease that attacks the liver.

Consult first the use of this herb to the doctor or medical whiz let you not take the drug wrongly. It would be very dangerous if you continue to consume turmeric in health reasons turmeric is also at risk of increasing the intensity of symptoms of the disease in bile and your liver.

2. Stomach Disorder

Turmeric character sebenranya hot and spicy. Consume continuously in your daily life will make a disturbance in your stomach. the hot alphabet on turmeric will cause your acid production to increase rapidly.

Hot juice and pain in your stomach area will occur. Immediately stop your turmeric consumption the reason the effect already indicates you are excess acid in the stomach turmeric response. This effect will have an impact on your health if you leave. Usually you will experience ulcer disease and acid reflux stomach.

3. Thrombocyte production is inhibited

Platelets are very nutritious for the body to inhibit blood out of response wounds. someone who often consume turmeric will suffer hard cure in the wound area and direction will continue to flow the response of platelet production is disrupted. Moreover, a person suffering from hemophilia is not recommended turmeric consumption. This incident is due to the reason turmeric changed the level of fibrinogen that interfere with the formation of coagulant in mengehntikan bleeding.

4. Risk of Dry uterus

Consume turmeric is usually done by mixing it with sour or java sugar let me favors. Consuming excessively and continuously for women is at risk of uterine interference.

The state of the uterus should be moist and if you consume turmeric in excess results your uterine moisture decreases. If this condition continues to happen, you will have difficulty getting offspring although the usefulness of turmeric for a woman can melancarkand an ease pain at the coming month.

5. Disorders in pregnant and lactating women

This effect is similar to the one described earlier. for pregnant and lactating women is not recommended to consume this turmeric. If still done, for pregnant people will experience contractions earlier and make miscarriage or premature birth. Another consequence is the disruption of the unborn and growing fetus.

6. Risk of anemia

Deficiency of red blood cells in the body of the buffer decreases the response too often turmeric consumption. The substance in turmeric can destroy leukocytes and erythrocytes in the body at regular intervals. Excess turmeric is very risky anemia response substance. Better to use turmeric perfectly and dose as needed.

7. Decreased effects of chemotherapy

For someone who is undergoing chemotherapy should avoid the consumption of turmeric. This turmeric consumption can reduce the performance of the drug directly. Drugs that should be easily absorbed by the body will be difficult if mixed with turmeric consumption.

8. Disturbance to penceranaan

Excess turmeric also interfere with your digestion. High levels can cause you to feel pain in your stomach. Usually the initial effect is stomach pain, bloating, nausea and vomiting. immediate consumption of water in large quantities if already tasted this. If not healed, stop using turmeric as your herbal remedy and immediately consult your nearest doctor.

Herbal remedies resembling turmeric are rich in benefits and safer than chemical drugs. But wise in use will be better than to use it excessively just why you safe consumption. Anything that is excessive will not be good for you. Make sure you have a good lifestyle to prevent illness. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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