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5 Adverse Effects of Earphone Use when Sleeping for Health

Who does not like listening to music? It seems rarely even impossible. Almost everyone loves to enjoy music. The harmony of the created tune can move the emotions of the listener.

Feelings of pleasure, sadness, and even emotion can arise in the heart, depending on what type of music we hear. Everyone has a different kind of music. Now with a tool that is nicknamed earphones, you can listen to your favorite music unlimited without any fear of disturbing others.

Who does not like to listen to music 5 Adverse Effects of Earphone Use when Sleeping for Health

Earphones will indeed make the music more clear. But you need to be vigilant if you include people who too often listen to music with earphones especially when the position of sleep. There are several threats that can threaten the health of the habit.

1. Lowering Hearing Power

Listening to high volume sounds and for a long time can certainly damage the sensory system of hearing. Like the habit of using earphones while sleeping. Whether conscious or not when this continues repeatedly, then the effects will be more severe. Thin hearing membrane membrane can be damaged by the end of a loud sound.

The continued decline in auditory drum function can lead to a complete loss of hearing or deafness. If this is done for a long time and this habit is not immediately abandoned then hearing damage will occur. You will lose your sense of hearing permanently.

2. Brain Damage

During use of earphones other than sound waves or sounds, electromagnetic waves will also enter our heads. Of course this electromagnetic wave is not good for the human body. Then what is the result when when sleeping, where the brain is resting but continue to be hit with dangerous electromagnetic waves.

What happens is that the brain cells will be damaged even can trigger the emergence of brain cancer. What's more, your brain will work 2x the greater the reason that in sleep the brain's performance does not break at all. Avoid this habit let damage to the brain does not occur.

3. Lowering Precautions

Fun to listen to music sometimes makes us fall asleep and not aware of what is happening around. Too often using earphones will lower the sensitivity of one of the senses. While sleeping and earphone position is still attached to the hearing may be we will not realize if there are people who knock on the door of the room. This can also happen when there is a threatening threat such as a fire or earthquake.

4. Hurt the Ear Skin

The impact that is visible when too often use the earphone is the occurrence of irritation of the skin of the ear. Although there is already protective rubber, but most of the earphones are still made of hard material. Installing and removing earphones with frequent intensity can lead to irritation of the skin.

Can also when sleeping position of the head tilt can make injuries to the hearing end of the pressure that occurred. The effects that are often felt when getting up are also very troublesome. Where your ears will feel hot and very painful to be touched by the hand

Moreover, the use of earphones that do not fit your hearing hole. Because the brands and kinds of earphones on the market very much and the tendency of this earphone use actually interfere with your hearing health. Better to immediately improve your habits.

5. Lower Sleep Quality

Sleep is the time that almost every organ of the body to rest. At that time the body will regenerate the cells and restore lost stamina. However, bad habits resemble forgetting to remove the earphones when sleep can decrease sleep quality.

Music that continues to burn even if the body is not aware of the condition will make sleep becomes not soundly. Often awakened when night, or body aches and aches are indications of poor quality of your sleep.  

When difficult to sleep, maybe music can be a solution. Listening to fovorit music can be a lullaby. But when using earphones do not forget to take it off before you actually sleep. The habit of using earphones when sleep is very harmful to health, resembles that Tela h described above. Know and be aware, let hobbies and a fun lifestyle does not become disadvantageous. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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