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31 Arabic Good Lifestyle to Follow and Follow

Imitating lifestyles seems to be expected to change habits that are less profitable for us. The habits or lifestyles of other nations are also able to be used as a reference for the existing alternative choice can be maximized and adapted to the nation's culture.

Like Arab culture and customs. Who does not know this Arab nation. Already since the prophetic era, influential characters have been attached to this nation. Well, What are the good and relevant habits of the Arab nation? Let us look for a moment some of their good habits that we must imitate the following.

Imitating lifestyles seems to be expected to change unfavorable habits 31 The Arabic Good Lifestyle to Follow and Follow

1. Dressed politely and covered aurat

Arab nation is already thick with Islamic culture. Islam with full peace and beauty teaches to look polite as well as cover the aurat. It is also shown by the Arab nation who appreciate others by the way they dress. Moreover, this is very visible to the women. Many of the women of this Arab nation cover the beauty that should not be shown, like the curve of the body, thighs, and others may avoid the lust of men.

2. Arabic people love milk

The nation's fondness for this milk drink has since been done. Arab people love to consume milk either milk cow, camel or sheep. They are aware that milk is rich in protein and good for growth especially for their children.

3. Keeping Distance

The intention of keeping a distance is that the Arabs respect each other. This means they will not act arbitrarily if not yet. It is shown that a man and a woman will not join hands uncharacteristically from legal marriage according to religion and state. In fact, if caught violating the hands of the hand, the government firmly shows the punishment to the couple.

4. Banning pork and dog

The terms that have been written in the scriptures are well executed in the Arabian Peninsula. Like eating pork or light dogs is banned. These animals include illegal and unclean animals when touching them. In addition, medically both meat contains cacao, germs and deadly viruses.

5. Never binge drinking

Similarly, awareness related to the law of God. Alcohol and its setting in arabic does not exist. It can be said to be fully restricted. This nation also does not like to drink because it is considered unholy and banned.

6. Hate Drugs

Awareness of things that deviate from the provisions of religion that is held firmly adhered to and applied in everyday life. Dislikes for illicit food, alcohol and its impression have an effect on awareness to hate drugs. Arabs do not like to even hate anything that is related to drugs. very interesting is not it.

7. Stop all events in adzan berkumAndang

Rules and awareness of religion is no longer able to be debated for this nation. Everyday activities will automatically stop typing the call to prayer. They exclusively go to surau or mosque to perform sholad duty and will return when it is finished.

8. Mengahrgai tamu

The way to appreciate guests for Arabs is extraordinary. They assume that the guest is king. This good habit is unique. When someone visiting or visiting arab people will serve anything and serve the best food to serve.

9. Uphold the dignity of women

Usually some people or groups assume that women are the weak and helpless. In contrast to the Arab nation, they uphold and respect the rights of women. women are considered as people who are able to cultivate households, doing business until the success of a man because there are women experts beside him.

10. Do not look woman wandering at night

This is the evidence of this nation to respect and uphold the dignity of women. When the night came, almost no women were in the street. If it's there, they'll be with the men who have been mukhrimnya. The assumption of a woman in the Arab world in the daytime will make it financially when traveling alone.

Some good Arabic habits that must be imitated others are:

Good Lifestyle of Arabs to Replicate Others

11. Not Gossiping
12. Honestly
13. Hold Islamic law
14. Bearded man
15. Love white clothes
16. Do not like to gamble
17. Country security is guaranteed
18. There should not be any food left over
19. Paying and sholad since early
20. Likes charity
21. Do not like anger
22. Respect for others
23. Do not insult others
24. Men and women are separated
25. Likes math
26. No strings attached
27. Dislikes Showrooms
28. Say goodbye
29. Likes to smile
30. Not in default
31. Do not like defamatory

The habits and lifestyles of Arabs already exist and seem to be skeptical of the global community makes it upside down. Do not be easy to believe and thoroughly re-defend your nation that has many good habits of this. Take a good lifestyle and get rid of the bad ones. Source

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