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28 Signs of Weight and Late Weight Anemia Signs

Signs - Signs You Anemia Weight and Light - Anemia is a disease of blood cell deficiency. This anemia can make the patient's body resistance decreased, because the metabolism in the body decreased and decreased body resistance. Of course this becomes a very dangerous thing. Even with the presence of anemia it is possible for a person to get other diseases due to the anemia.

 Anemia is a disease of deficiency of blood cells 28 Signs of Weight Anemia and Light Weight Compulsory

Symptoms of anemia are certainly very disturbing human activity, these symptoms into mild symptoms, but in severe symptoms can lead to loss of consciousness, even to death it can not be underestimated given the anemia attack the blood, which became the center of transport of oxygen and nutrients and waste substances in the body. The following is a sign of a mild and mild anemia that must be known.

1. Excessive tiredness

Excessive fatigue is indeed one sign of anemia that will be felt by the patient. Because anemia will reduce the intake of blood that carries oxygen to the whole body and brain, Anemia is caused by the lack of red blood cells that transport both substances.

2. Nausea

Nausea is caused by a nervous condition that triggers to regurgitate food in the stomach, this is triggered as a response of rejection in the body and the form of lack of oxygen, anemia is a disease of red blood cell deficiency, the cell is a distributor of the carrier in the body then certainly lack of oxygen will cause nausea ..

3. Quick temper

Quick temper can be one of the explanation of a person suffering from high blood, but it turns out not only that, anemia or lack of blood is also quickly get angry, This is of course, when an anemia is affected he will taste fatigue. Fatigue that will interfere with the concentration of patients, so it will make the patient difficult to control anger ..

4. Stomach pain

Stomach pain is a response to the lack of oxygen intake in the muscles of the abdominal scene which causes the muscle to continue to contract without being able to regain relaxation resulting in painful sensations.

5. Irregular heartbeat

Anemia can trigger the cause of heart disease. irregular heartbeat. For this it needs to be addressed by both resembling exercise and carrying out other activities to train the heart to work normally again, in addition to expected exercise also nutritional supplements sufficient to form red blood cells.

6. Hand is easy to sweat

This sweaty sweaty hand is a true sign of coronary heart disease but can also be a sign of anemia. When the anemia of the heart can not function properly, that's why it becomes easy to tire or that often affects the patient .. If this has happened then not anemia disease again suffered but will make heart disease.

7. Pale on the eyelid

In people with anemia will show a pale eye. This can also be caused by the condition of the body that is less oxygen intake because the red blood cell oxygen carrier is reduced so that it will reveal pale in the scene under his eyes, especially on the eyelid scene.

8. Pale face

The main feature of anemia is pale, this is due to lack of oxygen supply to the face that causes the face look pale, if left will cause cell skin cells to face to death and aging.

9. Pale fingertips

In the scene the fingertips will experience a disturbance that is pale. Just as people are cold for too long, the hands will look dead and white. This is caused by a lack of oxygen intake in the blood that is circulated toward the fingers.

10. Immunity decreases

Anemia will cause the body's immunity to decline, in some conditions anemia causes low metabolism. Of course because of this anemia attacks the red blood cells that make the red blood can not function properly, which is to make blood throughout the body. So that trigger weakness of antibody condition in body

Signs of Weight and Lightweight Anemia Signs:

11. Hair loss
12. headache
13. Pain and neck pain
14. shortness of breath
15. Decreased appetite
16. The concentration decreases
17. The tongue feels dry
18. Nails feel very fragile
19. Hard wounds heal
20. Often fainted
21. Sometimes unconscious
22. Insomia
23. Stress
24. The red membrane on the eyes becomes pale
25. The ears are buzzing
26. Menstrual problems
27. Elasticity of the skin decreases
28. Be quiet

The signs of anemia above can be detected early so you can prevent early on before going into advanced stages. When reaching an advanced stage anemia disease can be a deadly thing. Love yourself because the most precious treasure is health. You can also see the types of diseases that need to be watched. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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