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23 Symptoms of Early Hypothyroidism Often Natural People

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism - Hypothyroidism is one of the health disorders that can occur due to the weakening of the thyroid gland function so that the ability to produce thyroid hormone is very low. Though this gland serves to regulate the course of metabolism in the body, can be imagined if the thyroid gland is disturbed then the metabolism in the body will be chaotic. Symptoms Hypothyroidism is very diverse, but there are some special features that are easy to observe.

 Hypothyroidism is one of the health disorders that can occur due to weakening fu 23 Symptoms of Early Hypothyroidism Often Natural People

All the work of hormones is regulated by the brain, but when hormones are produced in excessive amounts or deficiencies, then the brain will try to keep in a normal position. If the brain is not able to overcome this, then there will be various disorders that can be experienced resembles the following.

1. Hair loss

Symptoms of hypothyroidism is very common is the hair begins to experience sudden hair loss because thyroid hormone in the body can not work properly. Hair loss can be caused by hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, therefore immediately consult a doctor to receive medical treatment.

2. Swelling in the neck scene

Other symptoms that can be observed with the eye that will appear like a lump in the neck scene. This is caused by the production of an uncertain thyroid hormone will result in a larger lump if not handled immediately.

3. Body weight rises drastically

One of the characteristics - a person's lack of low thyroid hormone that his body can experience a significant increase in body weight. This would be very disturbing because having a body that is too big is very damaging appearance.

4. Sleep disturbance

Hypothyroidism usually causes a person to become anxious always. This will lead to insomnia or difficulty sleeping. This usually has something to do with the weak thyroid hormones in the body so the brain can not concentrate.

5. Chills

If the temperature around is hot and scorching, but you feel cold may be due to one of the hypothyroid symptoms. This is because the low thyroid hormone in the body makes it impossible to regulate body temperature to normal. As a result the body will be cold even though the temperature around it is not cold.

6. Impaired cycle comes month

One end of the thyroid hormone disorder that resembles the next hypothyroid is menstrual cycle disorders in women. Usually a person who suffers from this disease will make the moon come off smoothly and will be painful than usual. This is very disturbing to every woman who suffers.

7. Fatigue

If you have rested well is for 8 hours a day but still tasting tired, this can be caused by hypothyroid disorders. Therefore immediately consult a doctor to determine the condition of thyroid hormones in the body.

8. Muscle pain

If you do not carry out a less severe event but muscle pain, this should be suspected because muscle pain can be caused by hypothyroidism. The pain caused by this disease can occur in the scene of muscle, bone, and joints. Usually this pain can not be removed easily if only taking the drug.

9. Constipation

Constipation or often called constipation is not only caused by a lack of fibrous food. But the main factor of a person experiencing indigestion is due to lack of thyroid hormones in the body. Immediately do a medical examination if you are still constipated despite having consumed fibrous food and water.

10. Dry and rough skin

Many people assume that the skin is dry and fierce only caused by the lack of water or drink less moisturizing on the skin. Though unhealthy skin can occur when the thyroid hormone is not in good production.

Other Hypothyroid Symptoms:

11. Problems
12. Heartbeat slows down
13. The face is swollen
14. Depression
15. Difficult to concentrate
16. Libido decreases
17. Hoarse voice
18. Cholesterol levels increase
19. forgetfulness

Hypothyroidism is a curable disease. Early hypothyroid symptoms that people often experience above should also be aware of. Capricorn is supposed to always maintain the health of the body by improving the life of a healthy life. The disease can be redundant in preventing if you familiarize yourself with healthy living. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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