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22 Good Dutch Lifestyle to Follow

The history of Indonesia on the affairs of the Dutch state is very strong. Many of the historical buildings are left behind in various kinds of sudat territory of Indonesia. This is related when the country is colonized by the Dutch up to 350 years old. The Netherlands itself has the nickname of a very unique windmill country people.

There are many customs that can be emulated from this nation and forget about the dark days of colonialism in Indonesia. These unique and excellent habits are visible in everyday life and have been inspired in many pieces of the world.

The history of Indonesia on the affairs of the Dutch state is already very thick 22 Dutch Good Lifestyle Easy to Follow

What good habits and lifestyle we can imitate from this windmill country? Consider some of the exposure below:

1. Like Cycling

For the Dutch a daily event that can not be left behind and attached to the Dutchman's bicycle. It is also inspired and very strong for the Indonesian state which is said to be Dutch bikes to our region. Moreover, the event is also very useful for health and very environmentally friendly. In the Netherlands itself the answer someone really likes to bike, so there is one person has more than 1 bike. so the number of bikes compared with more people. interesting right ?

2. Dress calmly

How to dress Dutch people in general tend to relax. Usually people call casual. They think that the clothes are important and comfortable and do not like the striking thing. The style commonly used by the Dutch people is very casual, sporty and relaxed.

3. Remember With Birthday

Birthday parties almost happen every night for the Dutch. They always remember and record one's birthday. Whether it's friends, relatives, relatives or as close as acquaintances and co-workers. Influential brotherhood is the reason they know and surprise people who are birthday.

4. Likes the Garden Party

Dutch people in general are very fond of snacks. In contrast to the Indonesian people if there is no rice is not a party name. The habit of eating snacks in the Netherlands is also shown in every celebration. Either birthday parties or the like they tend to use snacks as an entree.

5. Glad Kiss the cheek

It is very unique and characteristic of the Dutch people. The habit of kissing the cheek in European countries is already a common thing. However, for the Dutch they will kiss the cheek as much as 3 x and it is always done if passing by relatives of friends or relatives. This is done to maintain a sense of brotherhood in standing hopefully stay awake.

6. Discipline Time

This character is very worthy to emulate. For the Dutch people appreciate time and perfect time that is the main thing. When applying the agreement or work they will come early. It aims to build a sense of dogma and honesty in the future.

7. High Emancipation Flavor

The form of emancipation of women for Dutch people is highly respected. The form of emancipation shown is always to respect women by assuming Dutch women are intelligent, qualified and can bring the Dutch country forward better in the future. This Emancipation also has a factual value for distant Dutch women and avoid harassment.

8. Save money

Developed countries resemble the Netherlands have high living needs. Every day values ​​and needs always creep up. Therefore, the Dutch are very thrifty and meticulous using money. They do not like to over-spend and prefer to save.

9. Simple gift giving

Usually a gift that someone gives to the cherished or admired the special rights. However, for the Dutch the simple gift is much appreciated. Moreover, the work of a given person. Awareness of respect for a person takes precedence over the value of a given good.

10. Directly At the Core of Problems

How to solve the problem for the Dutch is not long-winded. They do not like to foul the problem at hand. To express an opinion is also done so. They will explain clearly and at the heart of the matter.

Good Lifestyle The Other Dutch

11. The same treatment
12. Obedience to the Law
13. said polite
14. Respect Others
15. Lack of formal atmosphere
16. Understanding blend
17. care about animals
18. Dislikes to gossip
19. Likes and love for the culture of other countries resembles Indonesia
20. Very fond of cleanliness
21. Likes to exercise
22. Avoiding Junkfood

The customs and lifestyles of these exemplary Dutch people can be implemented into our lives in accordance with Indonesian culture. Particularly friendly and respectful attitudes will have the utility for Indonesians of diverse cultural differences for true unity. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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