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21 The Most Effective Natural Throat Drugs

Drug Throat Drug - Sore throat is one of the disorders that occur in the throat organs caused by germs or viruses in the respiratory canal. This disease can generally affect anyone, especially children - children and adolescents. Given this very disturbing diseases need a quick handling to treat a sore throat, one of them using a natural sore throat medicine.

Sore throat is one of the disorders that occur in the throat organs 21 The Most Effective Natural Throat Drugs

Usually the pain in the throat will disappear by itself after some time. But if the disease still has not healed within a week, immediately consult a doctor to find out what disease causes inflammation in the throat. Handling of sore throat can be treated immediately by using the following sore throat medication .

1. Salt water

One of the most potent throat inflammatory drugs that is salt water. In salts contain antiseptics that can treat inflammation quickly. How to make it is enough to brew some salt with warm water, then make this mixture as mouthwash every day.

2. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a very tasty and healthy food. This is because the warm soup that enters the throat will relieve inflammation in the throat. But do not add with pepper and chili because it will cause greater inflammation.

3. Wedang ginger

Wedang ginger is a hot drink made by mixing hot water with some ginger. Drinks rich in zingiberi this will heal sore throat quickly. But to use the drug from this material do not be too excessive because it will make harmful side effects.

4. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is well known for its healing properties. This is what will help overcome the siting sore throat case. how to use it is by dripping eucalyptus oil on warm or hot water, then inhale the vapor slowly. The steam will enter the throat and restore inflammatory conditions.

5. White water

Water is the greatest element in the human body. If the lack of water it will cause a serious case sit resembles dehydration and disorders of the throat. therefore drink plenty of water with enough to let my throat back smoothly. The suggestion to drink this water is as much as 8 glasses per day or more.

6. Honey

Honey obtained from the original bees without mixing with other complementary materials has tremendous benefits for health. Content that is in it will kill germs and viruses quickly. Inflammation of the throat is very easy to overcome with pure honey.

7. Cloves

This herbal ingredient is very effective to minimize inflammation in the throat. How to use it by making it as a mouthwash with warm water. By performing this way on a regular basis, the risk of strep on the throat is able to disappear quickly.

8. Warm tea

Warm tea is also able to be an option to cope with sitting the throat case. Tea is very powerful and has the benefit of tea that is not added sugar or fresh tea. To create a sweet taste, you are able to use natural honey safely and add to the benefits of the tea.

9. Apple cider vinegar

Foods derived from the fermentation of apples contain substances that are antioxidants and antibacterial that quite a lot. So by taking them regularly, symptoms of inflammation in the throat will be easy to remove in a matter of days.

10. Orange lemon

Lemon is a famous fruit with its vitamin C content is high enough. This fruit also has a refreshing taste so that if consumed every day will cause the throat to be relieved and avoided from the risk of inflammation.

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Other Sore Throat Drugs:

11. Garlic
12. Cinnamon
13. Pomegranate
14. Lime
15. Carambola
16. Basil leaves
17. Bananas
18. Apple fruit
19. Apple cider vinegar

Several types of natural sore throat drugs above are very safe and do not make side effects when consumed. The ingredients for making the sore throat remedy are so easy to get, so you have to provide them at home to let the family avoid this kind of sore throat. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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