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21 Good Lifestyle before Night Sleep for Body Health

Sleep activities that we should do should be well prepared. This is done so that the quality of sleep is better and can maintain the body's metabolism. Some people even prepare to sleep with unique habits and are beneficial to health.

How about you? Have you prepared your sleep well? Or are you doing the wrong thing? Consider some good habits done before you sleep. This preparation will bring you in a dream and a good sleep quality. Here's the advisor:

Sleep activities that we should do should be well prepared 21 Lifestyle Good before Night Sleep for Body Health

1. Clean up your bed first

This habit is well done so that the cleanliness of your bed is maintained. In everyday life you must use your bed to sleep at night. So when you leave the day because of your activities or work. It is possible that your bed is exposed to dust, dirt or something that can bother you. Do this before you sleep in order to avoid itching itch when you rise tomorrow.

2. Warm Water Bath

Some people do this to maintain metabolism and stretch muscle muscles are tense due
tired of work and activity. People carry out a bath using warm water can be mixed with betel leaves to refresh the body. Other uses of a warm bath before bed can release blood circulation in your body. You will feel relaxed and immediately close your eyes with a sound.

3. Washing the feet and hands

This step is often forgotten. Due to fatigue when working and activities often forget the habit of washing feet and hands. It is a habit to wash and your hands before going to bed will show comfort and keep you from illness. Your hygiene is maintained by the end of this habit.

4. Brushing your teeth

Hayo, how many times have you done brushing your teeth? Usually this is done only 2 times a day. In the morning bath and afternoon bath. Though the habit of brushing your teeth before bed can prevent your verbal smell and your teeth will awake keutuhanya. The rest of the food in between the teeth after dinner will also not metamorphose germs and damage the teeth.

5. Consumption of water

Drinking water at least 2 glasses before bed can lower levels of toxins in the body. This white water will help the metabolism and digestion that continue to work in the body when you sleep. So when waking up, unused substances will be wasted in the morning and you avoid the difficult problem of defecating or small.

6. Read books

Reading this book will help you in maintaining the brain's nervous system. At least read your book 30 minutes before bedtime. Your brain will still be trained on its own. So the health of your memory and capability will last much longer. However, do not get used to reading books while sleeping because it can damage the health of your eyes.

7. Play Favorite Music or classic genre

Playing this music will make you feel relaxed. The habit of sounding music will build up energy in your body. The blood circulation will also be smooth. This habit will also bring good impact to your sleep. You will be spared from strange dreams when used to listening to music before you sleep.

8. Prepare Equipment For Tomorrow

The habit in your time before bed is preparing all the equipment for tomorrow. With these habits you will feel more silent and not too unthinkable by work tomorrow. The performance of your brain will also be well rested. besides that you will also be avoided from feeling hurried hurry in the next day later.

9. Try dinner at 18.00

Food consumption is better done before 6 pm. this is to prevent you from accumulating fat. Your digestion will work at least 2 hours to digest the food. For that reason, avoid dinner more than 6 pm.

10. Warm milk drink

Consumption of milk will keep your immune substances and your calcium needs. Skin regeneration and bone strengthening will occur better. let alone these habits you teach your children in the growing period. Milk is rich in protein and very healthy.

Some good habits and good lifestyle that can be done before bed ie

Good Lifestyle before Other Night Sleep

11. Avoid Alcohol
12. Avoid Coffee
13. Avoid Cigarettes
14. Calm down
15. Sports is small
16. Mengolskan aroma therapy
17. Turn off HP
18. Using Anti-mosquito Lotion
19. Use Night Cream
20. Dim the room lights
21. Pray before bedtime

This good activity and lifestyle is something you can do to keep your sleep quality. Quality sleep will keep your health sustainable. Sleep comfortable, the body was always healthy. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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