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21 Bad Effects Too Often Playing Pokemon Go to Look For

The euphoria of Pokémon GO games is currently not retroactive for game lovers. Proven since the official lyrical in Indonesia in August 2016 and then, the game Pokemon GO is still a game that is compelling to play a lot of circles. Various features resemble augmented reality (AV) which makes this game more visible to play.

The players are able to personally interact with capture pokeman while walking. So this game in the sense of benefit for some people, the reason is considered to play games while exercising (walking) for mendapakan pokemon as much as possible. But behind the benefits of Pokemon GO games, there are many threats to its users.

 still not receding for game lovers 21 Bad Effects Too Often Playing Pokemon Go to Look For

The following bad effects that can be caused from playing GO pokemon too often include:

1. Traffic accidents

Players pokemon GO too concentrate with smartphones to find or catch game animals. Even the players stopped abruptly in the middle of the road without looking around whether it was a quiet or crowded vehicle. So many cases of pokemon GO players who are not careful to be victims of traffic accidents on the highway.

2. Disrupt comfort

Pokemon animals are sometimes located in special places resembling a home or office that is not a public place. Many pokemon Go players who desperately enter the privacy of others to receive the game. Certainly entering the privacy of others without permission, will interfere with the comfort of the home or office owner.

3. Damaging the eyes

Blue light effects caused by smartphones are very harmful to eye health.
Although a lot of prevention by consuming fruits contain vitamin A and other specialty sweeteners. If the user is not wise in menggunakkan smartphone to play games without rest. In the worry will make serious eye pain.

4. Virus

Most GO pokemon players in Indonesia have downloaded this game before the official release in August 2016. Though downloading games unofficially from developers, is very dangerous for our smartphone. It could be a game that we have downloaded has been infiltrated by malicious virus that causes smartphone security threatened.

5. Make time forgot

Playing pokemon GO games is very exciting. However, we should not be so late in the fun that it wastes our time playing the game. Be wise in dividing time in playing pokemon GO games.

6. Loss of work

Losing the work of responses playing pokemon GO could just overwrite us. Being too engrossed in game play, we become forgetful of time so ignore the obligations. Though we have job responsibilities in the office or at work.

7. Lost

Often the GO pokemon players get lost while searching for their prey animals in remote places. They only see the location of pokemon animals based on the existing GPS on their smartphone. Whereas mobile signals in remote areas are not evenly distributed or as good as resemble in cities. We recommend that when looking for pokemon animals, make sure we understand the first destination we will go.

8. Wasteable battery

Pokemon GO game is very draining the battery on our smartphone. This game requires location data using GPS and a camera to standby when playing. The use of smartphone batteries are too wasteful, causing battery life does not last long. Whereas the cost of changing smartphone battery when this is very expensive.

9. Destroying concentration

Pokemon GO games can cause a loss of concentration for the players. This is because of the many features that exist in this game, so we always want to play it all the time. When the players are absorbed in playing this game, they will forget what they are doing.

10. Robbery

Crime can happen anywhere, an inadvertent response from the victim. Pokemon GO game itself is very prone to robbery. When the player is too concentrated with the gadget, in lonely places. This will give rise to evil intentions for the robbers of the reason for the inadvertent players who are too absorbed in playing GO pokemon.

And many more bad effects arising from too often pokemon GO games such as:

Bad Effects Too Often Playing Pokemon Go More

11. The incidence of malware attacks
12. The emergence of dangerous environment
13. As a result of the quarrels
14. The emergence of competition
15. Luke Harbor
16. Snatching
17. Social gaps
18. Relationships broken
19. Loss of life
20. Many costs incurred
21. Anti-social

Playing pokemon GO is fun, but for the sake of security, we must be wise in playing the game. Do not let the reason for the lifestyle of playing games, we lose concentration by forgetting our work obligations. Take advantage of our time to carry out positive activities that do not harm others. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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