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19 Typical Types of Healthy Homes You Need to Have for Families

The house is a dwelling that must be kept clean and comfort. A healthy house would be comfortable inhabited by residents. So they will be more comfortable to stay the reason that feeling protected. In addition, a healthy and comfortable home will be used properly as an area of ​​activity and collect useful positive energy.

The necessity of having a clean and healthy shelter is needed. So, what about the state of your house? Did you know about the characteristics of a healthy home? Here are some features of a healthy home that you can make a pattern for your dwelling.

The house is a dwelling that must be maintained cleanliness and comfort 19 Typical Home Healthy Features You Need to Have for Family

1. Healthy home is clean

Obviously maintaining cleanliness is the best way to realize a healthy home. cleanliness of floors, dapaur, yard and even toilets space needs to be considered. This trait is the main feature to cause your home included as a category of healthy homes.

2. There is good air circulation

The next feature as a healthy house is the existence of good air circulation. Sufficient ventilation as the area of ​​the outflow of air mensugesti humidity in the house. The good house is a house that is cool inside and does not feel damp. the more humid the air inside the house the higher the germs and the bacilli will multiply. Have your house ventilated enough?

3. The presence of waste areas 

In addition to air circulation was the availability of waste areas also cause your home categorized healthy homes. Insufficient garbage can minimize household waste that is usually produced by the residents of the house. Awareness of taking out the garbage in its place also affects.

The availability of in-house garbage areas but not supported by residents who are not conscious of cleanliness will have an impact on the state of your dirty house with scattered rubbish.

4. Availability of enough sunlight

A healthy house has the characteristic that there is incoming sunlight. Evidence as a healthy home is the availability of windows. other than as the entry area of ​​light, the window also serves for the air circulation area. So it will be good and beneficial for the inhabitants therein.

5. Free from cockroach insects

It's hard to bring home clean and healthy. but, it is enough to indicate that your home is free of this cockroach can serve as your benchmark. When your home is free from this cockroach then your house can be included in a healthy home. when a lot of cockroaches, then these insects will land in ebrb areas and damage your food or pakian. it would be dangerous if the bacillus brought by the cockroach enters your body.

6. Free House of Rats

In addition to cockroaches, it turns out healthy home conditions can be seen from the free race of animals resembling rats. Rats are rodents carrying many diseases. when your house a lot of rats, then the disease will come to you soon. You can afford a cat-like animal to eradicate rats in your home. It's important to take good care of your pets so that they do not bother you.

7. Clean kitchen appliances

Yes, having a healthy home is certainly a void for everyone. The existence of the kitchen and its fittings is necessary. For some people assume that the healthy house is visible from the cleanliness of your kitchen. So, keep your kitchen equipment and equipment in a clean condition for the food served to nourish you.

8. Roof does not leak

Some other reasons resembling a roof in good condition will be efficacious for the health of your home. the state of the house that has a rooftop cigarette and no leak brings a blessing to you. The roof will protect from all the rain and the sun so the house will be safe and comfortable to live in.

9. The walls are clean and the paint is neat

The atmosphere is able to give the comfort of your home wall. dinging a house that looks clean and free of moss and weathering will offer good benefits to its occupants. Security is maintained and you will feel comfortable to rest.

10. The existence of yard and green plants

Healthy homes have a clean yard and surrounding plants. The number of plants that will offer freshness and oxygen levels that enter into the house will be fulfilled. The house will be cool and shady and healthy to look in.

In addition to the characteristics of the above characteristics, there are several other features of a healthy home that you can apply to your home, namely:

Typical Characteristics Other Healthy Homes

11. Environment is safe
12. far from garbage disposal
13. Complete water channel
14. availability of clean water
15. Sewer smoothly
16. Adenan MCK yang memadai
17. Home away from factory location
18. The bedroom is clean
19. The existence of the disposal canal

Given the need for a healthy home is very useful for you need to be considered. Adjust the state of your home based on the above characteristics let the residents comfortable and awake his health. You also need to familiarize yourself to apply a good and healthy lifestyle let your home also be healthy. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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