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16 The Good Lifestyle of Westerners to Be Modeled and Replicated

Very abnormal when western culture does not infiltrate any thing in life. Many countries in the west of the developed world related to his government or the way people think. Moreover, unique and abnormal habits can be a wangsit to be done in order to duplicate the alphabet of the west.

Ordinary habits are lifestyle, how to wear and how to get along. It is important to just adjust the habits that have been cultured to use for their own culture. but, many people just value and duplicate outward-looking lifestyles, less inclined to change their way of thinking and lifestyle.

Very abnormal when western culture does not infiltrate any thing in life 16 Western Lifestyles that Need to be Exemplified and Replicated

Here are some western habits that are mandatory and should be in the example:

1. To The Point

Talking tele tele and not having any meaning is not made by western people. They prefer to talk personally to the subject matter. Not saying spinning is not directed by long words. Westerners assume by saying that the length will be time consuming and disadvantageous.

2. Rewarding Time

The reason why they say personal in essence is this. They are very appreciative of time. Western perception of time discourse is not just money, but using the best time will bring something good. Because time can not be repeated every second that has passed.

3. Less like a noisy atmosphere

For the western people the silence is great at striving. They will focus on work, work and thinking related to the problem. the way he speaks is not loud and high-pitched. In addition, the dislike of the noisy atmosphere is to respect the privacy of others. With noisy and noisy atmosphere they will personally disturb the peace and freedom of others.

4. Dare 

Very interesting from this western man's attitude is brave. Dare in terms of taking risks to be faced. In addition, they are also unyielding with calculated risks. It is rare for other cultures to take risks. Usually often take the comfort zone. Taking this risk is also a way of achieving success with their own efforts.

5. Prefer good food with a little portion

Westerners do not like to overeat and much. They tend to prefer to eat foods with good quality and tasty with small portions. True to the westerners is not a measure to meet the nutrients to be energized. however, they will seek the needs of the body adapted to the nutritional levels of food.

6. Mandiri since Small

How to educate children of western children is worth to be in the example. Where the west teaches children since childhood to be independent. the way they educate and teach children to be independent of others is seen when they put their children to sleep.

When their child is small they will sleep in their own space without the old man beside him. This will continue to mature. The presumption for westerners that age 17 is the age at which the person is not dependent on the parents.

7. work hard

The nature of abstinence to succumb to the vision and mission of life is always visible from the alphabet of the west. It is shown that they prefer to spend time to work. The average western man works more than 12 hours per day and can work under great pressure. Working hard will make people more competent and pressure will increase maturity and skills simultaneously.

8. Likes Against animals

It is undeniable that western habits always have pets. Be it dogs, cats, birds bahwakan until protected animals. A loving attitude towards animals can avoid stress and the state supports the habit. For westerners who injure animals will get severe punishment.

9. Care for the environment

This environmental concern is linked to the global warming tragedy. they are aware that the green environment will reduce the level of global warming. This concern is also shown by westerners to recycle smpah and implement greening in the corner of the house.

10. Throw out the garbage

How to get rid of garbage for westerners is already structured. they always separate organic and inorganic waste. in addition, they also avoid the use of plastic that berbagaya for the environment.

Other customs of westerners can be seen also below, including:

Other Western People's Lifestyle

11. Second
12. On Time
13. Love Sports
14. innovate high
15. Like reading
16. Not Easy to give up

The habits and lifestyle of the westerners should be imitated for the general public. Good alphabets are born of good habits that are done daily. A small example is to throw garbage in its place. Be aware of your habits so that the future of our children and grandchildren will be happier. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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