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11 Tips to Prevent Dehydration for Children and Elderly the Most Effective

Have you ever felt very thirsty, body limp, head feels dizzy, chapped lips, or decreased concentration? if so, it is all dehydrated. A condition where the body lacks lots of fluids thereby disrupting the metabolic system.

Do not assume trivial dehydration in the body, because it can be fatal. Moreover dehydration that occurs in the elderly and children, it needs a slightly different handling than adolescents in general. Here are 11 ways to deal with dehydration in the elderly and immature is effective and safe.

A condition where the body lacks a lot of fluids that interfere with the metabolic system 11 Tips to Prevent Dehydration for Children and Elderly the Most Effective

Tips to Prevent Dehydration for Children and the Elderly

1. Drinking Water Slightly

Immediate consumption of water in large quantities can be a quick solution to dehydration. But the elderly and immature body would be difficult to do. Need to habituate Kenan their condition. Drinking a small amount of water or as often as possible is the best solution. That way the body fluids can be replaced even if not in one time.

2. Avoid Excessive Activities

Excess activity can trigger sweating. Moreover, plus the hot weather will be much more dashing. This usually happens when immature play outside the home. Getting rid of the carain of the body may also trigger dehydration if not treated immediately. For that need to organize and adjust activities with the condition of the small as well as the elderly.

3. Eating Many Fruits Containing Water

Children and the elderly are usually difficult when in order to drink water in sufficient quantities. Do not worry, you can replace it with fruits that contain lots of water. Watermelons, oranges, tomatoes, melons are some of the fruit that is rich in water content. Can be eaten personally or in juice form. Water and vitamins can immediately treat dehydration in the body.

4. Drink Milk

Milk is always good for health. Milk is beneficial to accelerate the growth of bone in children and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly. As well as the ingredients of calcium and minerals in milk it is also effective to immediately hydrate the body. Drinking a glass of milk then followed by a glass of water afterwards can replace the body's nutrients that are lost when dehydrated.

5. Eating Soup

Soup is a food as well as a suitable drink consumed when dehydrated. Soup fruit and vegetable soup can be the right choice. Foods rich in these nutrients will personally be able to refresh the body again. It tastes delicious and healthy must be liked neither adults nor elderly.

6. Drink Coconut Water

If you are afraid to give isotonic beverage packaging in children. So coconut water is a safer option to give. Young coconut water is rich in natural isotonic contents. The loss of body ions when dehydration can be immediately replaced with isotonic fluid in coconut water. The freshness of the coconut water will immediately remove dehydration on the body.

7. Avoiding Coffee

Indeed excessive coffee consumption is not recommended for immature and elderly because it can interfere with health. Coffee contains substances that caffeine nicknames. The body's metabolic system will work faster in the presence of this substance. So people who after drinking coffee will feel thirsty and hungry fast. Consuming coffee can also lead to dehydration in the body.

8. Avoiding Alcohol Drinks

Alcoholic drinks are not good for health. In addition to making the loss of consciousness when consumed in excess, alcohol also menyenyebabkan diuretic effect on the body. The production diamine of the urine will increase so the body will lose a lot of fluid. So people who drink alcohol usually will urinate more often.

9. Set Sleep Time

In fact when sleeping the body will lose a lot of fluid. Usually immature and the elderly have more sleep time than adults. This will make them more susceptible to dehydration. Setting bedtime with adequate rest will be better for health.

10. Compress with Wet Cloth

Drink water, but dehydration is not quickly gone. You need to do this sati thing. Take the cloth and wet it with water then compress it on the head or neck. Dehydration is usually caused by excessive heat. Cooling the body temperature with an aqueous compress can speed up the rate of dehydration.

11. Reduce the Cause

Some conditions usually can not personally cause dehydration. The pain of diarrhea, fever, or mutah is an example. At that time the body will lose a lot of fluid. Reducing or treating the root cause will also eliminate dehydration.

The human body 60 percent consists of liquid. Lack of body fluids can disrupt the metabolic system. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to dehydration as well as other diseases . Special handling is needed to treat dehydration in them. 11 ways to deal with dehydration in children and the elderly who have described you can try. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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