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11 Tips to Overcome The Habit of Biting the Most Compelling Nails

Biting biting habits may be commonly done by children. But what will happen if people are old enough to do it often. Disadvantages like resentment, childishness, and less credibility will stick to people with this particular habit.

Nail biting is common when bored, stressed and embarrassed. This nail biting habit can endanger health. There are several ways to effectively and safely eliminate the nail-biting habit that you should try. Here's how and tips.

The habit of biting the nails may be commonly done by children 11 Tips to Overcome The Habit of Biting the Most Compelling Nails

Tips to Overcome Nail Biting Habit

1. Strong Intentions

The first and most important step is to instill an influential intention to quit. Inner desire will be the impetus for you to no longer perform the nail biting habit. So you will live it sincerely and without being forced. Because the true habit of nail biting is closely related to sitting mental case.

2. Staring at the Mirror

Very easy way to do. Stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself while biting your nails. It will definitely look unattractive and can damage your image. Realize it you will think twice when going to do the habit. The effect of bad habits that can be reduced.

3. Problem Identification

Nail biting is not the solution of sitting the case being faced. This habit is merely a diversion of attention when a person is a masalalah. It is important to immediately identify the source of the sitting matter and find the real solution. A common problem is stress. So finding your stress solution means eliminating the nail biting habit.

4. Chewing Gum

When your verbal and teeth are busy chewing gum then there is no more time for the nail. Chewing sugar-free gum also has many benefits that resemble to eliminate the fish's mouth, strengthens teeth and jaws and keeps stress away. Capricorn is better to switch the habit of biting the nails by chewing gum.

5. Cut Short Nails

Long nails are areas of germs and germs lodged. Cutting nails to short in addition to good health will also prevent you from the habit of nail biting. By cutting it to short then there is no longer a nail scene that you can bite. In addition, short nails will also look cleaner and tidier.

6. Cat Nails

For a woman this is quite effective. Make your nails look beautiful with favorite colors is a good choice. For those who like this nail biting will make them dear to bite their nails. In addition, biting the nails that have been painted will give a bitter taste in the mouth.

7. Wear Lotion in Hand

How to remove the habit of nail biting is by using lotion on hand. Use of lotion in addition to moisturize the skin of the hands can also reduce the habit of nail biting. A bitter taste when nail biting the end of the lotion will create an uncomfortable taste.

8. Divert Attention

Bad habits nail bit you can switch to other more useful events. Drawing, reading a book, or listening to music can be a perfect alternative choice as a substitute for nail-biting habits. Finding other fun by channeling hobbies, makes you forget the nail biting habit.

9. Wear Rubber Bracelet

This function is almost the same with the use of lotion in hand. The unpleasant aroma of rubber bands and the bitter taste when licked will make you reluctant to close the verbal by hand. Rubber bands can also be a punishment when you try to bite your nails. Each tries to bite the nail, pull the rubber band and release it to the skin. The pain will make you feel kapok.

10. Beautify your nails

Psychologically people will be reluctant to damage something that looks beautiful. So do nails. Nails that look beautiful and well groomed will be dear to be bitten. For women can beautify the nails into the salon with cute decorations. Nothing wrong with trying this one way may nail biting habit can be eliminated.

11. Giving a Prize

Record how often nail biting in a day. Giving a gift to yourself or someone else who can reduce the habits can also be a solution. Small gift of candy or chocolate you can give. Giving rewards will motivate to keep trying to reduce these bad habits until lost.

Conscious or unconscious lifestyle with nail biting is not good. In terms of appearance and health, this habit will hurt you. Eliminating the habit is the best solution. 11 ways that have been established you can try to eliminate bad habits nail bite. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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