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11 Tips to Overcome Cigarette Addiction the Most Jitu

Many causes that make a person becomes a cigarette addict. Starting from just trying, prestige because friends in the neighborhood around smoking, and stress relief because of the many pressures that make a person turned it on a cigarette.

Starting from trying to smoke, someone will be addicted. This is caused by a very dangerous nicotine compound and cause someone to become opium. But that does not mean addiction to cigarettes may not be eliminated. For those active smokers who are already addicted to cigarettes, and want to try to quit.

Many causes that make a person become a cigarette addict 11 Tips Overcoming Cigarette Addiction the Most Right

There are several ways you can try to eliminate dependence on cigarettes. Some ways you can do to stop smoking cigarettes are:

1. Strength of Intent and Tekat

The first step that can be done to stop smoking is by strengthening the intention and the ability to quit smoking. Something we have to do is start with the first intentions. Without the intentions and strains that the circle in starting to quit smoking, one will falter and fail in the step towards his goal. Because the intention itself is our foundation of steadfastness in starting to quit smoking.

2. Commitment

Commitment is desirable in initiating steps to stop smoking. This commitment will remind us, what is our initial goal to quit smoking. When we are committed and committed with a wholehearted intent, a smoker will be able to motivate himself. The promise of hope is not affected the trivial things that cause to stop smoking to fail.

3. Finding the Right Circle of Environment

Indirectly, the environment around us mensugesti in our efforts to quit smoking. If we are accustomed to being in the environment smokers, we should start to avoid. Avoiding here does not mean to stay away, but we still hang out but with the intensity necessary. Because, if we are in an environment of active smokers on an ongoing basis, the initial promise to quit smoking will be shaky. For that we must start looking for association in the environment gres nons smokers.

4. Seeking Positive Activities

One way that can be done to quit smoking is to look for a positive event. Many concrete events that can be done that can distribute a hobby that is owned. The purpose of finding concrete events here is hopefully smokers are busy with his new show so as not to saturate and forget his habit of smoking cigarettes.

5. Discover Facts about Smoking Dangers

Finding out the facts about the threat of smoking is one of the most powerful ways to stop smoking. The facts of the smoking threat we can get from many sources, for example go to a special hospital cancer.

By going to a special cancer hospital we are able to meet personally with patients with lung cancer. We are able to carry out patient observations with the patient personally. Through the results of these observations we are able to get a lesson as well as a warning of the threats caused by cigarettes.

6. Reduce Cigarette Stem

Overcoming cigarette addiction can be done by reducing the number of cigarettes each day. When initially the addict was able to smoke 36 cigarettes a day, it could be reduced slowly. Because to stop permanently, for active smokers is a very difficult thing.

7. Mentukan Target

After reducing the trunk each day, we must determine the target in the future. the target to quit smoking is kaitanya with the initial promise to leave cigarettes completely. When we have set a target to quit smoking with the intention and intention, certainly to stop smoking is not difficult.

8. Looking For Busyness After Eating

For most smokers, the most perfect time to smoke is after eating. For that we can divert busy after eating with mingle with family and enjoy valuable time together.

9. Sufficient Water Requirement

Lack of water causes the throat to dry. This is what causes us to light a cigarette. It's good we need enough water, by drinking at least 12 liters a day. You will also avoid dehydration.

10. Keep away from the stressful routine

In a state of stress and depression we will smoke a cigarette. Therefore avoid the event that causes boredom in yourself. Look for routines with a healthy body that can make your body healthy according to your needs.

And some other ways that can be used to quit smoking, as follows:

Tips Overcoming Other Cigarette Addiction

11. Avoid Smoking Fishing Activity
12. Store Smoking Dangers in Visible Places

Addiction and unhealthy lifestyle to cigarettes, not impossible to stop. Some ways you can use to quit smoking. Success in starting to quit smoking depends on the individual. When we have committed intentions, commitment, and certainly to stop smoking is not difficult.

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