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11 Night Sleep Effects on Learning Achievement and Brain Ability

Sleep is a basic requirement that must be fulfilled by every human being. Normally the requirement of sleeping insan in one day is 8 hours. If the need for sleep is not met, will mensugesti memory and brain intelligence.

Because during sleep, brain tissue and cells in our body will carry out regeneration. So with enough sleep, will make the body and mind become fresh and fit. But there are some adverse effects caused by sleeping too late interfere with learning achievement.

Sleep is a basic requirement that must be fulfilled by every 11 Night Sleep Effects on Learning Achievement and Brain Ability

The influence of sleeping too late in mensugesti prestas berguru namely:

1. Lowering the immune system

Problems experienced when lack of sleep is the immune system will decrease. This is because the nerves in the body do not get enough rest. So that the intake of oxygen to the brain that enters through the nerves of blood flow becomes berkuranng.

2. Trigger stress

Sleeping too late makes our brain stressful. This is caused because the brain is forced to keep awake while the body feels tired and wants to rest. As a result the muscles in the head become tense and
rigid that causes the nerves in the head to become uncomfortable.

3. Memory decreases

Quantity of sleep is less result, the intake of oxygen to the brain becomes reduced. This causes the mind to lack concentration and memory to decline. So this condition makes it difficult for us to absorb learning when in school.

4. Against anemia

Anemia is a condition in which we lack red blood cells. The symptoms caused by anemia alone is the body feels weak and lack of concentration. So this kind of conditions make us lazy to attend school lessons. The way to anticipate anemia is to keep adequate sleep references.

5. Mental and physical disorder

Sleeping too late at night causes the mind to become unfocused. This is because the amount of oxygen and red blood cells that exist in the brain is reduced because our sleep hours are not maximal. This condition triggers stress and disrupts the mental and physical. So when we are in school we are not one hundred percent fit.

6. Difficulty concentrating

The amount of oxygen and red blood cells leading to the brain decreases our concentration. So our minds are not too focused on the subject matter. Because of fatigue and sleepiness that descend.

7. Trigger headaches

Headaches are triggered for lack of sleep. Someone who lacks sleep usually complains of headache and body feels hot. This is caused because the blood vessels around the head are taut due to clogged answers from lack of oxygen flow coming into the brain. When the headache has been attacked, of course all the subjects we received at school we can not absorb.

8. Drowsiness in the morning and in the daytime

Sleep deprivation conditions cause drowsiness when morning and afternoon. This is in because the condition of the body that wants to rest. Your work in the morning and afternoon will also be disturbed because of this.

9. Body feels tired quickly

The condition of the body that lack of blood answers sleep too late cause the body feels tired quickly. If the body is not fit and easy to feel tired, then to follow the lessons become lazy. So if the nature of this lazy continue to infest us, will cause our learning to decrease.

10. Intuition and imagination are reduced

Inadequate sleep involves the ability of the brain to decrease as the amount of oxygen and red blood cells entering the brain is reduced. So the brain loses concentration and creates the creativity that usually in the brain do to decrease.

The influence of night sleep greatly influences our achievements in school, this is in line with conditions where the brain is not focused and lack of concentration in learning. That way, the ability of the brain to imagine and creativity to be not optimal.

11. Easy to take offense

The empty state of mind for sleeping too late causes it to be out of focus. Mind easily annoyed when disturbed by his friend. With conditions resembling will lead to uncomfortable learning in schoolbecause we feel emotion.

Sleeping habits or lifestyle is a bad habit. We can stop the habit by avoiding the night show resembles watching a movie and studied until late at night. We can get around by reducing the nap that causes when the night is difficult to sleep. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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