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11 The Bad Effects of Using Electric Cigarettes for Health

The electric cigarettes that are currently fevering the issue and becoming a person's lifestyle are needed to boost confidence or simply as a Style. Elastic cigarettes commonly known as Vapor is very unique and can give off thick smoke than regular cigarettes. Sensai is the one who sought many young people and old menggunkan vape in everyday life.

Moreover, the number of flavor variants that exist show the sensation of unsaturation of cigarettes. Moreover, its durability makes people more efficient than tobacco cigarettes. Indeed in general, vape has the ability and there is even a vapor competition among today. However, it turns out this vape has a threat also for its users.

Current electric cigarettes are feverish issues and a person's lifestyle is needed 11 Bad Effects of Electric Cigarette Use for Health

In addition to health threats, vape also has an impact on increasing your life needs. Here is an electric cigarette or vape:

1. Cancer

Cancer risk is a possible indication. do not you mistaken that vape can not trigger cancer in you. Apparently vape also resulted in it. The cause of liquid nicotine that is present in the liquid instead shows the effect memeprcepat the occurrence of cancer. otherwise glycerin-like matters, geriol dioxide, and propylene may contribute to earlier cancer risk. Other kima ingredients and detailed chemical flavors add a cancer threat to your electric cigarette in health.

2. Symptoms of asthma

Asthma can also be triggered by the end of use of this electric cigarette. This disease arises because of the excessive influx of smoke in the lungs produced by electric cigarettes in large quantities. Moreover, good use techniques use the oral cavity, nose samapai deep suck in the can damage your lung health earlier.

3. The air gets dirty

Detailed air pollution arises the end of the use of this vape. Electric cigarettes are claimed as heavy smokers to reduce cigarette consumption because pollution in tobacco cigarettes is more dangerous than electric cigarettes. But it is unfortunate that the water vapor that arises the electric cigarette is actually exacerbate the situation where according to WHO from electric water vapor is actually trigger more air pollution

4. Cigarette risk explodes

The risk of explosion of electric cigarettes can not be denied. The heating device in an electric cigarette may explode at the end of a leak or an ejenisnya. Because the electricity generated from the battery to ignite the heat and evaporate this electric cigarette can cause an explosion. The zipper also arises end of an amateur electric cigarette user error. If it has happened, your lips will hurt and bruise to a sealed burn.

5. Irritation of the lungs

Pulmonary lung irritation is also a risk that must be accepted if you keep using this electric cigarette. Irritation of the pulmonary lung arises end of chemicals that can not be excreted by the body. Your lungs will dry easily and the moisture is not awake. The trigger is a liquid that contains various substances and flavors and everything is made of chemicals. Moreover, liquid nicotine in it that mempeprparah circumstances.

6. Pneumonia

Lung inflammation also causes high end use of these electric cigarettes. Continuous use of vape causes lung inflammation. or in medically recognized pneumonia. Electric cigarette smoking also makes it easy to enter the lung cavity into the lung cavity that causes this inflammation.

7. Heart disease

Heart disease can also occur end of electric cigarette. smoke that enters in large volume can penetrate into your blood guidelines. The binding of oxygen in the blood makes the supply into the limbs reduced. So the heart pumps blood harder than normal.

8. Headache

Headache is also the end of the use of this vape. the content of nicotine in a liquidized amount that is used haphazardly without cc rules causes you easy headaches. This effect can also arise personally perceived end of wrong association and gya your life.

9. Stroke

Stroke is a dangerous risk of end use of electric cigarette. non-fluid blood guidelines cause blockages in joints in the body. so this risk can strike you at any time.

10. Metabolic disorders

The danger of nicotine in the liquid may infect you and damage your health, especially metabolism. Nicotine in the liquid is actually never noticed for consumers of electric cigarettes. The most important is the sense and can give off thick smoke. with thick smoke the liquid nicotine content will be more and more harmful to your metabolism.

11. Impotence

Disorders of courage can also occur. The risk of impotence from the level of nicotine in the fluids is what makes you not powerful again. This will make some organs of your body damaged, especially the reproductive organs.

Better to immediately stop the consumption of cigarettes and vape if only a lifestyle only. Better, use your money's best to meet a more primary need than this. You can replace a cigarette by getting healthy lifestyle through the consumption of fruit vegetables. If you want to smoke, you can eat candy. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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