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10 Bad Sleep Effects Too Old for Body Health

Often hearing about the need for rest with adequate sleep is a necessity to maintain health. When we lack sleep, the body will feel bad. Moreover, coupled with all events that solid body requires adequate rest.

But what if you sleep too much? is this good for you? try to see and note the exposure below about the threat of sleep is too long. There are threats that threaten yourself with health can even lead to a death resko.

Often hearing about the need for rest with adequate sleep is a requirement of 10 Bad Sleep Effects Too Long for Body Health

Here are some threats or bad effects that will affect your body if you sleep too long

1. Decreased Brain function

The function of the brain as a motherboard in the body and yourself can be disrupted by the end function you often sleep for too long. Your nervous system that takes too long to make non-current in mentrasnfer gossip or respond to the whole body can be disrupted. The expected timeframe for only 6 years. Immediately improve your sleep time. Do not be too long

2. Able to increase depression

Increased depression can occur just because your sleep is too long. Brain function and a small degree of self-awareness make you stressed. Your brain is not working maximally and your awareness of sleep makes the level of the brain needs to be constrained. so you will tend to be weak in thinking and stress arises.

Affect the fertility rate

Sleeping habits with long periods of time make you have trouble getting a baby. There is a study where of the many women who use their spare time to sleep in a period of more than 9 hours can mensugesti fertility rate. this time of sleep is indeed a big arm in charge of changes in cycles and hormones during menstruation.

4. Body weight rises

This danger of light occurs in someone who is experiencing sleep problems with a long period of time. This is influenced by eating plus the consumption of excessive sleep. In essence every human being must maintain the example of eating and sleeping. Love your food distance to digest in your digestive system. do not rush to sleep after eating. Your weight will tend to rise as well as risk of obesity.

5. Risk of Heart Disease

Cardiac risks are also acceptable for someone who performs more than 8 hours of sleep per day. Usually the risk of heart problems is angina disease. Where this disease occurs the end of the heart work in a state of unconscious and mempa blood throughout the body slowly. The rhythm is very weak so you experience this disease.

6. Causes death

For some people sleeping too long is very nice. However, the frequency of this habit makes the loss of life more quickly. Very horrible is not it. Try to sleep enough at least 6-8 hours per day. Do not overdo it if you do not want to lose your life early.

7. Diabetes Risk

This risk also affects you who often carry out sleeping for too long. This happens from the body's metabolic processes are not optimal so that the buildup of nutrients such as sugar, fat and cholesterol. Kaitanya is, bedtime makes you do not let out and the body does not process food to be converted into energy. the reason is that, why people are more susceptible to diabetes in someone who sleeps too long.

8. Causes dizziness in the head

Blood flow that is not smooth on you end often sleep with long tempo can happen dizziness continuously suffering. The journey of neurotransmitters in the brain is not smooth so you will emras prolonged dizziness.

9. Concentration decreases

Too much sleep causes your concentration to weaken. Some people experience this because the level of consciousness that continues to decline end too much sleep.

10. Pain on the whole body

This pain is the end of a blood stroke that is not smooth. Usually people sleep too much pain in the back area of ​​the end of the minimum event. so the muscles will be more rigid.

This overemphasis of excessive sleeping threats makes us aware that the risk of this bad habit affects health. Get enough sleep and learn to keep healthy with a healthy lifestyle as well. Source http://www.list.co.id/

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