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31 Arabic Good Lifestyle to Follow and Follow

Imitating lifestyles seems to be expected to change habits that are less profitable for us. The habits or lifestyles of other nations are also able to be used as a reference for the existing alternative choice can be maximized and adapted to the nation's culture.

Like Arab culture and customs. Who does not know this Arab nation. Already since the prophetic era, influential characters have been attached to this nation. Well, What are the good and relevant habits of the Arab nation? Let us look for a moment some of their good habits that we must imitate the following.

Imitating lifestyles seems to be expected to change unfavorable habits 31 The Arabic Good Lifestyle to Follow and Follow

1. Dressed politely and covered aurat

Arab nation is already thick with Islamic culture. Islam with full peace and beauty teaches to look polite as well as cover the aurat. It is also shown by the Arab nation who appreciate others by the way they dress. Moreover, this is very visible to the women. Many of the women of this Arab nation cover the beauty that should not be shown, like the curve of the body, thighs, and others may avoid the lust of men.

2. Arabic people love milk

The nation's fondness for this milk drink has since been done. Arab people love to consume milk either milk cow, camel or sheep. They are aware that milk is rich in protein and good for growth especially for their children.

3. Keeping Distance

The intention of keeping a distance is that the Arabs respect each other. This means they will not act arbitrarily if not yet. It is shown that a man and a woman will not join hands uncharacteristically from legal marriage according to religion and state. In fact, if caught violating the hands of the hand, the government firmly shows the punishment to the couple.

4. Banning pork and dog

The terms that have been written in the scriptures are well executed in the Arabian Peninsula. Like eating pork or light dogs is banned. These animals include illegal and unclean animals when touching them. In addition, medically both meat contains cacao, germs and deadly viruses.

5. Never binge drinking

Similarly, awareness related to the law of God. Alcohol and its setting in arabic does not exist. It can be said to be fully restricted. This nation also does not like to drink because it is considered unholy and banned.

6. Hate Drugs

Awareness of things that deviate from the provisions of religion that is held firmly adhered to and applied in everyday life. Dislikes for illicit food, alcohol and its impression have an effect on awareness to hate drugs. Arabs do not like to even hate anything that is related to drugs. very interesting is not it.

7. Stop all events in adzan berkumAndang

Rules and awareness of religion is no longer able to be debated for this nation. Everyday activities will automatically stop typing the call to prayer. They exclusively go to surau or mosque to perform sholad duty and will return when it is finished.

8. Mengahrgai tamu

The way to appreciate guests for Arabs is extraordinary. They assume that the guest is king. This good habit is unique. When someone visiting or visiting arab people will serve anything and serve the best food to serve.

9. Uphold the dignity of women

Usually some people or groups assume that women are the weak and helpless. In contrast to the Arab nation, they uphold and respect the rights of women. women are considered as people who are able to cultivate households, doing business until the success of a man because there are women experts beside him.

10. Do not look woman wandering at night

This is the evidence of this nation to respect and uphold the dignity of women. When the night came, almost no women were in the street. If it's there, they'll be with the men who have been mukhrimnya. The assumption of a woman in the Arab world in the daytime will make it financially when traveling alone.

Some good Arabic habits that must be imitated others are:

Good Lifestyle of Arabs to Replicate Others

11. Not Gossiping
12. Honestly
13. Hold Islamic law
14. Bearded man
15. Love white clothes
16. Do not like to gamble
17. Country security is guaranteed
18. There should not be any food left over
19. Paying and sholad since early
20. Likes charity
21. Do not like anger
22. Respect for others
23. Do not insult others
24. Men and women are separated
25. Likes math
26. No strings attached
27. Dislikes Showrooms
28. Say goodbye
29. Likes to smile
30. Not in default
31. Do not like defamatory

The habits and lifestyles of Arabs already exist and seem to be skeptical of the global community makes it upside down. Do not be easy to believe and thoroughly re-defend your nation that has many good habits of this. Take a good lifestyle and get rid of the bad ones. Source

29 Causes of Low Blood Causes Need to Be Watchful

Foods Causes Of Low Blood - Low blood or hypotension is one type of disease in general known by people with anemia. If a person lacks red blood cells in the body, then it can cause low blood pressure. this is because the heart pressure is weakened when processing blood pumping.

 Low blood or hypotension is one type of disease in general known ole 29 Food Types Low Blood Causes Need To Be Wary

Speaking of low blood pressure discourse can be known if less than 85 or 55 mmhg then the so-called weak enough, 115 or 75 is stable. It may be somewhat difficult for people suffering from low blood pressure to increase it if already subordinate since birth. However, food can also cause blood lace, so you should avoid some foods if your blood pressure is in stable or poor levels. Here is the type of low blood-causing foods .

1. Alcoholic Beverages

Foods that can cause low blood is the first to consume alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks are hot so it can damage red blood cells in the human body. Liquor is very dangerous for health. Of course for those who suffer from low blood pressure is strongly recommended to avoid alcoholic beverages.

2. Young coconut water

Young coconut water is one type of drink that can cause low blood, therefore avoid it to consume it. Indeed, coconut water easily has benefits that can show toxins in the body. But it has an effect that can lower body temperature and blood pressure.

3. Carambola

In addition to young coconut water star fruit also can cause low blood pressure. Perhaps starfruit is very good for people with high blood pressure, but for people with low blood pressure do not ever to consume starfruit because it endanger yourself.

4. Cucumber

Food this one is known to have a lot of water content. Cucumber is one food that has enough minerals and vitamins, so people with high blood pressure is strongly recommended to consume cucumbers. In essence cucumbers are foods that can cause low blood pressure or lower blood.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain calcium, vitamin C and potassium so it can lower blood. Not only that, tomatoes can also help the health of the body, this is because tomatoes have the content of vitamins and minerals are high enough. Therefore, if you are exposed to low blood pressure it is advisable to avoid consuming cucumbers.

6. Instant noodles

Instant noodle is a food that has umun in enjoy all adults, easy child, even under age also like instant noodle. But you should limit the consumption of instant noodles because it is not good for the stomach, other than that instant noodles have the nature of suppress hunger that can cause blood pressure to fall.

7. Melon

Patients with high blood pressure many who rely on mengkonsusmi melon fruit to lower high blood pressure although the price is a little expensive as lowering blood pressure levels. If you are exposed to low blood pressure should not consume melons. Because this one fruit contains potassium levels are quite a lot that can help you to prevent high blood pressure and cause your blood to fall.

8. Blewah

Potassium content is found in the fruits of cantaloupe so much that in believing has the ability to lower blood pressure when a person suffering from high blood pressure. For those who suffer from low blood, eating cantaloupe occasionally does not sit the case and should not be excessive.

9. Kiwi

One fruit that can cause low blood pressure is kiwi fruit. This is caused because the kiwi contains enough calcium and fiber. Therefore, for people with high blood kiwi consume very beautiful to lower blood pressure.

10. Pumpkin seems to be

Pumpkin bendo should not be in continuous consumption menmenus if your body is looking healthy. If you include people who suffer from low blood pressure, pumpkin bendo is very beautiful for blood pressure suppressants. But it is not good for those who have low blood pressure. People who suffer from high blood pressure is more advisable to consume them.

19 Other Low Blood Causes Foods:

12. Soybeans
14. White garlic
15. Beans
16. Mengkudu
17. Orange
18. Bananas
19. Salmon fish
20. Oatmel
21. Wheat Bread
22. Olive oil
23. Potatoes
24. Avocado
25. Yogurt
26. Fat-free skim milk
27. Bitter food
28. COKlat
29. Soft Drinks

If you include people who suffer from low blood, should avoid the food above. Keep maintaining a healthy eating example may avoid various kinds of diseases . Source

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11 The Bad Effects of Using Electric Cigarettes for Health

The electric cigarettes that are currently fevering the issue and becoming a person's lifestyle are needed to boost confidence or simply as a Style. Elastic cigarettes commonly known as Vapor is very unique and can give off thick smoke than regular cigarettes. Sensai is the one who sought many young people and old menggunkan vape in everyday life.

Moreover, the number of flavor variants that exist show the sensation of unsaturation of cigarettes. Moreover, its durability makes people more efficient than tobacco cigarettes. Indeed in general, vape has the ability and there is even a vapor competition among today. However, it turns out this vape has a threat also for its users.

Current electric cigarettes are feverish issues and a person's lifestyle is needed 11 Bad Effects of Electric Cigarette Use for Health

In addition to health threats, vape also has an impact on increasing your life needs. Here is an electric cigarette or vape:

1. Cancer

Cancer risk is a possible indication. do not you mistaken that vape can not trigger cancer in you. Apparently vape also resulted in it. The cause of liquid nicotine that is present in the liquid instead shows the effect memeprcepat the occurrence of cancer. otherwise glycerin-like matters, geriol dioxide, and propylene may contribute to earlier cancer risk. Other kima ingredients and detailed chemical flavors add a cancer threat to your electric cigarette in health.

2. Symptoms of asthma

Asthma can also be triggered by the end of use of this electric cigarette. This disease arises because of the excessive influx of smoke in the lungs produced by electric cigarettes in large quantities. Moreover, good use techniques use the oral cavity, nose samapai deep suck in the can damage your lung health earlier.

3. The air gets dirty

Detailed air pollution arises the end of the use of this vape. Electric cigarettes are claimed as heavy smokers to reduce cigarette consumption because pollution in tobacco cigarettes is more dangerous than electric cigarettes. But it is unfortunate that the water vapor that arises the electric cigarette is actually exacerbate the situation where according to WHO from electric water vapor is actually trigger more air pollution

4. Cigarette risk explodes

The risk of explosion of electric cigarettes can not be denied. The heating device in an electric cigarette may explode at the end of a leak or an ejenisnya. Because the electricity generated from the battery to ignite the heat and evaporate this electric cigarette can cause an explosion. The zipper also arises end of an amateur electric cigarette user error. If it has happened, your lips will hurt and bruise to a sealed burn.

5. Irritation of the lungs

Pulmonary lung irritation is also a risk that must be accepted if you keep using this electric cigarette. Irritation of the pulmonary lung arises end of chemicals that can not be excreted by the body. Your lungs will dry easily and the moisture is not awake. The trigger is a liquid that contains various substances and flavors and everything is made of chemicals. Moreover, liquid nicotine in it that mempeprparah circumstances.

6. Pneumonia

Lung inflammation also causes high end use of these electric cigarettes. Continuous use of vape causes lung inflammation. or in medically recognized pneumonia. Electric cigarette smoking also makes it easy to enter the lung cavity into the lung cavity that causes this inflammation.

7. Heart disease

Heart disease can also occur end of electric cigarette. smoke that enters in large volume can penetrate into your blood guidelines. The binding of oxygen in the blood makes the supply into the limbs reduced. So the heart pumps blood harder than normal.

8. Headache

Headache is also the end of the use of this vape. the content of nicotine in a liquidized amount that is used haphazardly without cc rules causes you easy headaches. This effect can also arise personally perceived end of wrong association and gya your life.

9. Stroke

Stroke is a dangerous risk of end use of electric cigarette. non-fluid blood guidelines cause blockages in joints in the body. so this risk can strike you at any time.

10. Metabolic disorders

The danger of nicotine in the liquid may infect you and damage your health, especially metabolism. Nicotine in the liquid is actually never noticed for consumers of electric cigarettes. The most important is the sense and can give off thick smoke. with thick smoke the liquid nicotine content will be more and more harmful to your metabolism.

11. Impotence

Disorders of courage can also occur. The risk of impotence from the level of nicotine in the fluids is what makes you not powerful again. This will make some organs of your body damaged, especially the reproductive organs.

Better to immediately stop the consumption of cigarettes and vape if only a lifestyle only. Better, use your money's best to meet a more primary need than this. You can replace a cigarette by getting healthy lifestyle through the consumption of fruit vegetables. If you want to smoke, you can eat candy. Source

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9 Adverse Effects of Snoring during Sleep for Body Health

Smoking is an activity that is often done to leave stress or just to pass the time. this habit has been done since time immemorial. Moreover, the presumption of drinking coffee that fit is accompanied by a cigarette or more. Even cigarette producers in Indonesia are already big and famous in the world market.

The quality of tobacco in Indonesia is also not less competitive with tobacco from the American america tau colombia. walapaun these cigarettes are harmful to health people are still fond of this habit. Now What are the impacts of smoking for health that we can meet and proven. Here are his audiences.

Smoking is an activity that is often done to leave stress or just men 9 Bad Sleep Snoring when Sleeping for Body Health

1. Cancer

The substance content in cigarettes can trigger cancer risk. Smoking habits will further trigger cancer if done continuously. Moreover, the cigarettes consumed in the form of kretek or filter is now the higher the value of the bag and nicotine content.

Manufacturers of cigarettes also use the sterefo that exists in filter foams that pinch the risk of cancer. Cancer that usually occurs by perokkok the skin aknker and blood cancer. In addition, the risk of lymph cancers can also occur in active smokers.

2. Increase the risk of stroke

The risk of stroke will be more inclined to active smokers. Stroke is a disease that causes the highest risk of life conclusion in the world. This active smoker can increase clotting in the blood. This is what causes the thought of blood to the brain is not smooth.

If done continuously menerys, then the thought of blood will stop completely and freeze. In the result the nervous system will be disrupted and smokers will experience a stroke ynag can hardly be cured except death.

3. Hesitating blood thoughts

As explained earlier, the thought of blood for smokers will tend to slow the end of freezing. The cause of this blood clot is the nicotine present in every cigarette. the first damage is the blood vessels that result in thickening that will narrow the area of ​​blood thoughts. Narrowing and freezing is what will cause various kinds of dangerous diseases.

4. Risk of Heart Disease

The organs in this most important will be disrupted if you smoke continuously and sustainably. Heart attack can occur every time the end of the blood clot that ends with the cigarette. the heart will work harder to offer the expected blood supply to the body in every part.

Oxygen level will tend to be lower so that it can cause permanent damage. This harsh heart performance will cause your heart to stop or sudden interruption of the heartbeat.

5. Risk of Pulmonary Lung Disease

Clearly exposed tobacco smoke will enter the lung. good lungs as healthy people akdalah have moisture levels. But in smokers, the lungs will be different. What happens to smokers about the lung condition is dry and black patches occur.

If this has happened, then you will be susceptible to spread the disease, especially the respiratory canal. You may have asthma, or even lung cancer. Worse, this situation will be 2x more dangerous for passive smokers in your closely.

6. Fetal Disorder

Yes, smokers dikala this is not limited to men only. Lifestyle of the metropolitan turned out to change skeptical women who smoke cigarettes. For women the condition will interfere with uterine and late fetus smoking. Very not recommended for women's health, especially the level of fertility. If this remains done, then infertility will melanda you.

7. Mouth Disease

In addition to the internal organs, cigarettes also cause disease in your oral acids. Especially lips and keadalam inside the oral cavity. Active smokers will have lips that tend to be black and dry. Moreover, the oral cavity will be more inclined to canker sores because the bacillus is in a larger groove.

8. Arthritis disease

Rheumatoid arthiris is a medical term for this disease of arthritis. Active smokers will cause the immune system to decrease. So the oil level of the joints will decrease. This disease will be very diseased because more than 100 joints are in your body. If everything hurts, then you will certainly not move normally.

9. Risk of Blindness

Blindness can also occur despite the cocktail to the distant cigarette. Smoke on cigarettes that can enter the retina will damage the eye's performance. If this continues to be done then the risk of blindness of the ultimate retina of the burning eyes may occur. So stop your smoking event immediately.

Lifestyle would be dangerous if we are not aware of weaknesses and benefits. Moreover, smoking can damage your health permanently and shut down. Immediately stop the event for a better life. Source

9 Adverse Effects of Drinking Sea Water for Body Health

Earth as a living area of ​​humanity Already inhabited since prehistoric times. The consistency of the earth that has 70% of sea water is a beauty that can not be avoided anymore. The existence of the beach and blue sea water and in it will bring marvelous wombs and maritime wista.

Besides playing the waves on the beach by playing jetsky, surfing, fishing or diving is the true joy. This excitement is not just in your eyes and heart if you are not examined together. recreation on the beach and sea water play is very enjoyable.

Earth as a living area of ​​humanity Already inhabited since prehistoric times 9 Adverse Effects of Drinking Sea Water for Body Health

But, do you know about the threat from seawater that you can terminate? here are some reviews about the threat of drinking sea water for health:

1. Feeling Nausea and Vomiting

saltiness in sea water content is inevitable. The acidic nature of seawater is highly corrosive. Where sea water can erode iron or concrete though. Similarly if swallowed in people with a lot of intensity. The usual initial response is nausea and vomiting. The body can not digest excess salt so that the stomach will be filled with gas. You will feel pain in the stomach that causes you nausea and end up in vomiting. immediately consume lots of plain water to minimize this.

2. Kidney Damage

Subsequent effects if a person swallows excessive sea water will cause interference with the kidneys. Disorders that occur that is shrinking your kidney volume. Too much neutralized salt fluid will have an adverse effect on its performance, Kidneys will try to neutralize the liquid hard. If this can not be done again by the kidney, then you will have kidney failure.

3. Seizures

Not only on your internal organs, it turns out the threat of drinking sea water will cause seizures seizure. This happens the response of your blood thoughts that slows down. The artery pembulu will narrow and the blood has more viscosity. As a result solitude throughout your body will be stiff because the muscles are not supplied with blood under normal circumstances. so you will experience seizures and dangerous seizures if left alone.

4. Can cause coma

People who have a history of hypertension or stroke symptoms should not be beraktivtas in cooperation with sea water. The presence of high salt content in seawater can trigger your illness. salt from the taste of this sea water can trigger your high blood pressure. A blockage in the thought of blood will dispel your awareness even to the next level of coma.

5. Toxicity

Who knows how many baketeri in every drop of sea water. The existence of seawater on the beach is the accumulation of rivers that flow from every corner of the city or as a waste disposal area. The number of very evil bacilli causes you to poison if you drink it in large quantities. In addition, other chaotic effects that you will feel high fever, nausea and vomiting, Your body will be weak and helpless.

6. Dehydration

It is normal that the response occurs drinking sea water. The presence of sea water is very dangerous if to drink through your esophagus, Stability of cells and blood in the body will be disrupted if you consume this sea water in large quantities.

Irritation of the esophagus may also result in a bacillary response. but severity is the nature of salt from sea water it absorbs substances body fluids so the body will feel hot. The indication of your lips will dry and feel thirsty fast.

7. Brain Disorders

Inflammation of the vascular tissue in the brain may also occur in your response to drinking sea water in large quantities. Moreover, this person has a history of injury to the brain of a conflict response or the like. Avoid swimming or diving in the sea let you and his health is not disturbed. let alone work with the nerves of your brain to think and work.

8. Respiratory Disorders

This is related to the pressure that exists in the depths of the ocean. The emphasis of sea water can cause you to breathe. let alone sea water that can be taken into your lung lung. Precipitation will occur so that the salt attached to your lungs will be fatal. Irritation will glorify your lung performance.

9. Interference in your oral area

This disorder is an irritation that can cause you canker sores or inflammation of the throat. high salt content will cause hoarseness and your sound will be disturbed. If it occurs in large and sustained amounts you will be exposed to irritation to the throat membrane of your spoken tongue may be reddened and very itchy.

Leisure on the beach for swimming or diving is very enjoyable. But it would be better to note the condition of the sea and its equipments. Do not until you drink sea water in large levels because it is dangerous for the safety of your life. Source

11 Night Sleep Effects on Learning Achievement and Brain Ability

Sleep is a basic requirement that must be fulfilled by every human being. Normally the requirement of sleeping insan in one day is 8 hours. If the need for sleep is not met, will mensugesti memory and brain intelligence.

Because during sleep, brain tissue and cells in our body will carry out regeneration. So with enough sleep, will make the body and mind become fresh and fit. But there are some adverse effects caused by sleeping too late interfere with learning achievement.

Sleep is a basic requirement that must be fulfilled by every 11 Night Sleep Effects on Learning Achievement and Brain Ability

The influence of sleeping too late in mensugesti prestas berguru namely:

1. Lowering the immune system

Problems experienced when lack of sleep is the immune system will decrease. This is because the nerves in the body do not get enough rest. So that the intake of oxygen to the brain that enters through the nerves of blood flow becomes berkuranng.

2. Trigger stress

Sleeping too late makes our brain stressful. This is caused because the brain is forced to keep awake while the body feels tired and wants to rest. As a result the muscles in the head become tense and
rigid that causes the nerves in the head to become uncomfortable.

3. Memory decreases

Quantity of sleep is less result, the intake of oxygen to the brain becomes reduced. This causes the mind to lack concentration and memory to decline. So this condition makes it difficult for us to absorb learning when in school.

4. Against anemia

Anemia is a condition in which we lack red blood cells. The symptoms caused by anemia alone is the body feels weak and lack of concentration. So this kind of conditions make us lazy to attend school lessons. The way to anticipate anemia is to keep adequate sleep references.

5. Mental and physical disorder

Sleeping too late at night causes the mind to become unfocused. This is because the amount of oxygen and red blood cells that exist in the brain is reduced because our sleep hours are not maximal. This condition triggers stress and disrupts the mental and physical. So when we are in school we are not one hundred percent fit.

6. Difficulty concentrating

The amount of oxygen and red blood cells leading to the brain decreases our concentration. So our minds are not too focused on the subject matter. Because of fatigue and sleepiness that descend.

7. Trigger headaches

Headaches are triggered for lack of sleep. Someone who lacks sleep usually complains of headache and body feels hot. This is caused because the blood vessels around the head are taut due to clogged answers from lack of oxygen flow coming into the brain. When the headache has been attacked, of course all the subjects we received at school we can not absorb.

8. Drowsiness in the morning and in the daytime

Sleep deprivation conditions cause drowsiness when morning and afternoon. This is in because the condition of the body that wants to rest. Your work in the morning and afternoon will also be disturbed because of this.

9. Body feels tired quickly

The condition of the body that lack of blood answers sleep too late cause the body feels tired quickly. If the body is not fit and easy to feel tired, then to follow the lessons become lazy. So if the nature of this lazy continue to infest us, will cause our learning to decrease.

10. Intuition and imagination are reduced

Inadequate sleep involves the ability of the brain to decrease as the amount of oxygen and red blood cells entering the brain is reduced. So the brain loses concentration and creates the creativity that usually in the brain do to decrease.

The influence of night sleep greatly influences our achievements in school, this is in line with conditions where the brain is not focused and lack of concentration in learning. That way, the ability of the brain to imagine and creativity to be not optimal.

11. Easy to take offense

The empty state of mind for sleeping too late causes it to be out of focus. Mind easily annoyed when disturbed by his friend. With conditions resembling will lead to uncomfortable learning in schoolbecause we feel emotion.

Sleeping habits or lifestyle is a bad habit. We can stop the habit by avoiding the night show resembles watching a movie and studied until late at night. We can get around by reducing the nap that causes when the night is difficult to sleep. Source

11 Tips to Overcome Cigarette Addiction the Most Jitu

Many causes that make a person becomes a cigarette addict. Starting from just trying, prestige because friends in the neighborhood around smoking, and stress relief because of the many pressures that make a person turned it on a cigarette.

Starting from trying to smoke, someone will be addicted. This is caused by a very dangerous nicotine compound and cause someone to become opium. But that does not mean addiction to cigarettes may not be eliminated. For those active smokers who are already addicted to cigarettes, and want to try to quit.

Many causes that make a person become a cigarette addict 11 Tips Overcoming Cigarette Addiction the Most Right

There are several ways you can try to eliminate dependence on cigarettes. Some ways you can do to stop smoking cigarettes are:

1. Strength of Intent and Tekat

The first step that can be done to stop smoking is by strengthening the intention and the ability to quit smoking. Something we have to do is start with the first intentions. Without the intentions and strains that the circle in starting to quit smoking, one will falter and fail in the step towards his goal. Because the intention itself is our foundation of steadfastness in starting to quit smoking.

2. Commitment

Commitment is desirable in initiating steps to stop smoking. This commitment will remind us, what is our initial goal to quit smoking. When we are committed and committed with a wholehearted intent, a smoker will be able to motivate himself. The promise of hope is not affected the trivial things that cause to stop smoking to fail.

3. Finding the Right Circle of Environment

Indirectly, the environment around us mensugesti in our efforts to quit smoking. If we are accustomed to being in the environment smokers, we should start to avoid. Avoiding here does not mean to stay away, but we still hang out but with the intensity necessary. Because, if we are in an environment of active smokers on an ongoing basis, the initial promise to quit smoking will be shaky. For that we must start looking for association in the environment gres nons smokers.

4. Seeking Positive Activities

One way that can be done to quit smoking is to look for a positive event. Many concrete events that can be done that can distribute a hobby that is owned. The purpose of finding concrete events here is hopefully smokers are busy with his new show so as not to saturate and forget his habit of smoking cigarettes.

5. Discover Facts about Smoking Dangers

Finding out the facts about the threat of smoking is one of the most powerful ways to stop smoking. The facts of the smoking threat we can get from many sources, for example go to a special hospital cancer.

By going to a special cancer hospital we are able to meet personally with patients with lung cancer. We are able to carry out patient observations with the patient personally. Through the results of these observations we are able to get a lesson as well as a warning of the threats caused by cigarettes.

6. Reduce Cigarette Stem

Overcoming cigarette addiction can be done by reducing the number of cigarettes each day. When initially the addict was able to smoke 36 cigarettes a day, it could be reduced slowly. Because to stop permanently, for active smokers is a very difficult thing.

7. Mentukan Target

After reducing the trunk each day, we must determine the target in the future. the target to quit smoking is kaitanya with the initial promise to leave cigarettes completely. When we have set a target to quit smoking with the intention and intention, certainly to stop smoking is not difficult.

8. Looking For Busyness After Eating

For most smokers, the most perfect time to smoke is after eating. For that we can divert busy after eating with mingle with family and enjoy valuable time together.

9. Sufficient Water Requirement

Lack of water causes the throat to dry. This is what causes us to light a cigarette. It's good we need enough water, by drinking at least 12 liters a day. You will also avoid dehydration.

10. Keep away from the stressful routine

In a state of stress and depression we will smoke a cigarette. Therefore avoid the event that causes boredom in yourself. Look for routines with a healthy body that can make your body healthy according to your needs.

And some other ways that can be used to quit smoking, as follows:

Tips Overcoming Other Cigarette Addiction

11. Avoid Smoking Fishing Activity
12. Store Smoking Dangers in Visible Places

Addiction and unhealthy lifestyle to cigarettes, not impossible to stop. Some ways you can use to quit smoking. Success in starting to quit smoking depends on the individual. When we have committed intentions, commitment, and certainly to stop smoking is not difficult.