31 Arabic Good Lifestyle to Follow and Follow

Imitating lifestyles seems to be expected to change habits that are less profitable for us. The habits or lifestyles of other nations are also able to be used as a reference for the existing alternative choice can be maximized and adapted to the nation's culture.

Like Arab culture and customs. Who does not know this Arab nation. Already since the prophetic era, influential characters have been attached to this nation. Well, What are the good and relevant habits of the Arab nation? Let us look for a moment some of their good habits that we must imitate the following.

1. Dressed politely and covered aurat
Arab nation is already thick with Islamic culture. Islam with full peace and beauty teaches to look polite as well as cover the aurat. It is also shown by the Arab nation who appreciate others by the way they dress. Moreover, this is very visible to the women. Many of the women of this Arab nation cover the beauty that should not be shown, like the curve of the body, thighs, and othe…

29 Causes of Low Blood Causes Need to Be Watchful

Foods Causes Of Low Blood - Low blood or hypotension is one type of disease in general known by people with anemia. If a person lacks red blood cells in the body, then it can cause low blood pressure. this is because the heart pressure is weakened when processing blood pumping.

Speaking of low blood pressure discourse can be known if less than 85 or 55 mmhg then the so-called weak enough, 115 or 75 is stable. It may be somewhat difficult for people suffering from low blood pressure to increase it if already subordinate since birth. However, food can also cause blood lace, so you should avoid some foods if your blood pressure is in stable or poor levels. Here is the type of low blood-causing foods .

1. Alcoholic Beverages
Foods that can cause low blood is the first to consume alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks are hot so it can damage red blood cells in the human body. Liquor is very dangerous for health. Of course for those who suffer from low blood pressure is strongly recommended t…

11 The Bad Effects of Using Electric Cigarettes for Health

The electric cigarettes that are currently fevering the issue and becoming a person's lifestyle are needed to boost confidence or simply as a Style. Elastic cigarettes commonly known as Vapor is very unique and can give off thick smoke than regular cigarettes. Sensai is the one who sought many young people and old menggunkan vape in everyday life.

Moreover, the number of flavor variants that exist show the sensation of unsaturation of cigarettes. Moreover, its durability makes people more efficient than tobacco cigarettes. Indeed in general, vape has the ability and there is even a vapor competition among today. However, it turns out this vape has a threat also for its users.

In addition to health threats, vape also has an impact on increasing your life needs. Here is an electric cigarette or vape:

1. Cancer
Cancer risk is a possible indication. do not you mistaken that vape can not trigger cancer in you. Apparently vape also resulted in it. The cause of liquid nicotine that is prese…

9 Adverse Effects of Snoring during Sleep for Body Health

Smoking is an activity that is often done to leave stress or just to pass the time. this habit has been done since time immemorial. Moreover, the presumption of drinking coffee that fit is accompanied by a cigarette or more. Even cigarette producers in Indonesia are already big and famous in the world market.

The quality of tobacco in Indonesia is also not less competitive with tobacco from the American america tau colombia. walapaun these cigarettes are harmful to health people are still fond of this habit. Now What are the impacts of smoking for health that we can meet and proven. Here are his audiences.

1. Cancer
The substance content in cigarettes can trigger cancer risk. Smoking habits will further trigger cancer if done continuously. Moreover, the cigarettes consumed in the form of kretek or filter is now the higher the value of the bag and nicotine content.

Manufacturers of cigarettes also use the sterefo that exists in filter foams that pinch the risk of cancer. Cancer that usual…

9 Adverse Effects of Drinking Sea Water for Body Health

Earth as a living area of ​​humanity Already inhabited since prehistoric times. The consistency of the earth that has 70% of sea water is a beauty that can not be avoided anymore. The existence of the beach and blue sea water and in it will bring marvelous wombs and maritime wista.

Besides playing the waves on the beach by playing jetsky, surfing, fishing or diving is the true joy. This excitement is not just in your eyes and heart if you are not examined together. recreation on the beach and sea water play is very enjoyable.

But, do you know about the threat from seawater that you can terminate? here are some reviews about the threat of drinking sea water for health:

1. Feeling Nausea and Vomiting
saltiness in sea water content is inevitable. The acidic nature of seawater is highly corrosive. Where sea water can erode iron or concrete though. Similarly if swallowed in people with a lot of intensity. The usual initial response is nausea and vomiting. The body can not digest excess salt s…

11 Night Sleep Effects on Learning Achievement and Brain Ability

Sleep is a basic requirement that must be fulfilled by every human being. Normally the requirement of sleeping insan in one day is 8 hours. If the need for sleep is not met, will mensugesti memory and brain intelligence.

Because during sleep, brain tissue and cells in our body will carry out regeneration. So with enough sleep, will make the body and mind become fresh and fit. But there are some adverse effects caused by sleeping too late interfere with learning achievement.

The influence of sleeping too late in mensugesti prestas berguru namely:

1. Lowering the immune system
Problems experienced when lack of sleep is the immune system will decrease. This is because the nerves in the body do not get enough rest. So that the intake of oxygen to the brain that enters through the nerves of blood flow becomes berkuranng.

2. Trigger stress
Sleeping too late makes our brain stressful. This is caused because the brain is forced to keep awake while the body feels tired and wants to rest. As a resu…

11 Tips to Overcome Cigarette Addiction the Most Jitu

Many causes that make a person becomes a cigarette addict. Starting from just trying, prestige because friends in the neighborhood around smoking, and stress relief because of the many pressures that make a person turned it on a cigarette.

Starting from trying to smoke, someone will be addicted. This is caused by a very dangerous nicotine compound and cause someone to become opium. But that does not mean addiction to cigarettes may not be eliminated. For those active smokers who are already addicted to cigarettes, and want to try to quit.

There are several ways you can try to eliminate dependence on cigarettes. Some ways you can do to stop smoking cigarettes are:

1. Strength of Intent and Tekat
The first step that can be done to stop smoking is by strengthening the intention and the ability to quit smoking. Something we have to do is start with the first intentions. Without the intentions and strains that the circle in starting to quit smoking, one will falter and fail in the step toward…